The Power of Being Yourself 

by Mike Hunter

The-Power-of-Being-YourselfBy sharing his own experiences — and candidly exploring high-stakes business decisions along with many personal triumphs and tragedies — Joe Plumeri explains that the secret to success is found not in boardroom strategy or corporate philosophy, but rather in allowing passion, purpose and true emotions to inform one’s approach and guide one’s relationships. His book is a timely wake-up call in a world where heartless electronic communication too often takes precedence over genuine connection. Plumeri reveals that if we can live in the moment and be honest and true in our emotions, the effect carries over into how we live all facets of our lives.

Title: The Power of Being Yourself: A Game Plan for Success—by Putting Passion into Your Life and Work
Author: Joe Plumeri
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Price: $24.99
Available: 4/14/2015
Pages: 240

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