Staffing Firm Extends Waiving of Recruitment Fees in Uncertain Times

Phoenix Staff

Phoenix Staff will continue through May, to waive thousands of dollars in recruiting fees in an effort to help companies and candidates find the perfect match, regardless if the job is available now or in a few months. Since the offer started in March, Phoenix Staff has waived nearly $30,000 in recruiting fees, with more opportunities in the pipeline. The company, with offices in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Austin, predicts a hiring frenzy in the coming months as the economy recovers. Companies can interview and secure talent now to avoid the cost and time of competing for the candidates down the road.

Phoenix Staff is waiving all commissions and fees for new and existing clients for staffing full-time, permanent positions in a variety of industries from anywhere in the country. Such fees typically cost a company 20 percent of the candidate’s annual salary. This zero-fees offer applies to all levels of positions, from help desk associate to executive level. Company hiring managers and qualified job candidates are directed to visit or email Phoenix Staff at

“Like many businesses, we are looking for ways we can help. We have already waived nearly $30,000 in fees, plus we’re helping people get back to work,” said Allen Plunkett, CEO of Phoenix Staff. “Even if the position isn’t available right now, we are working to match employers and employees so there is no delay when the job is available, and everyone is scrambling for the best talent.”

For 18 years, Phoenix Staff has been a solution for providing a broad range of industries with high-caliber talent during some of the country’s most economically challenging cycles. History has shown that during times of layoffs, such as the Recession, companies reacted by putting all interviewing and hiring on pause. Phoenix Staff encourages companies to continue interviewing and keep engaged while the best talent is shopping for their next great opportunity. Now is the time for companies to highlight the benefits of working for them. Otherwise, when the economy bounces back, companies all clamber for the same talent.

The company recognizes that during this pandemic, hiring managers will begin to be inundated with applicants, which will slow the hiring process and negatively impact the economy. Adding to the problem, talented candidates will find it difficult to get in front of hiring managers due to the surge in employment activity. With focus on the trusted relationships with its clients, Phoenix Staff is dedicated to find quality people for open technology positions during this critical time.

Phoenix Staff can help companies in any industry that are looking to hire top talent. That includes startups to a Fortune 50 companies. In addition, Phoenix Staff encourages job-seeking candidates to contact them as well.

Phoenix Staff is a boutique technology recruiting firm that helps companies and candidates in Austin, Las Vegas, and Phoenix make their careers rise. Since 2002, job seekers and hiring managers alike have turned to Phoenix Staff for help — not with finding more options, but for finding better options. The team at Phoenix Staff spends time with candidates and companies from a broad range of industries to understand the hiring needs, including type of position, company culture, compensation, benefits requirements. By taking the time to understand specific needs, Phoenix Staff makes the perfect placements and builds relationships that last long after the position is filled.

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