New Technology Targeted at Saving Independent Medical Practices Hurt by COVID-19

Mako Medical

Mako Medical rolls out a new technology and in-home services aimed at helping doctors and patients affected by COVID-19.​

Medical practices around the country have seen a drastic decrease in patient volume because of COVID-19. With most of the country under a lockdown and with many states implementing shelter orders, medical practices across the country are scrambling to address the sharp decline in patient volume to their practices. Many practices are seeing declines as high as 70% due to cancellations and no-shows or patients that are unable to leave their home. This impact threatens hundreds of medical practices around the country as they struggle to maintain cash flow and operations and keep staff employed.

“The uncertainty in the market has caused a panic. People don’t know what to do and many are scared to leave their homes. This has caused a ripple effect and now threatens the very practices patient need and depend on,” said Chad Price, Mako Medical CEO.

Making matters worse, many practices are not set up to handle telemedicine. Other complications include challenges with access, learning curves for the patients trying to use new platforms, and separating those with COVID symptoms from those that just have a cold.

“Our team knew it had to do something. We worked around the clock to build new workflows, develop simple tech solutions with our partners, and begin offering services in the home to help these practices continue seeing their patients,” said Price.

The team at Mako Medical worked with several tech companies on building a very simple telemedicine platform that required no downloading, no apps, no sign-up and no unnecessary steps, and was free for both the practice and the patient. The platform relies on texting technology and is HIPPA-compliant and encrypted. The next aspect of the workflow included a mobile messaging platform that communicates, updates, and guides the patient through medical questions delivered through a text message. This eliminates the need of a call and worry from the patient. The messaging platform addresses medication needs, COVID-19, chronic conditions, general health needs, and scheduling. The platform is HIPPA-compliant, encrypted, and free for the patient and provider.

“These two technology platforms are game-changers for practices that are struggling with declining volume and with their current platforms that are slow or outdated,” said Price.

Mako Medical also announced other aspects of the program that included in-home lab draws, prescription delivery, and other in-home services for patients that can’t or don’t want to leave their home. These services help the practice continue to maintain high quality and add extra levels of service and gives them the clinical data they need that would otherwise be missed with just a virtual telemedicine visit.

Mako Medical is an award-winning leader in pharmacy and lab services. Mako is known for its extensive community service, hiring military veterans, and leveraging technology for its services.

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