Pledges Support for Tipped Workers Recently Affected by Job Loss recently set a program to share up to 50% of all net ad revenue received, with registered Tipped Employee members to help those affected by job loss – particularly during the worldwide coronavirus epidemic. Every month, will be reviewing uploaded videos and content, sharing that content and members’ personal stories with special guest celebrities and influencers. Lucky members who make an impression on viewers and judges will then be surprised and rewarded with a special donated tip from the ad-share program. The bonuses will vary – sometimes $5 or $10, or as much as $100 or more – but the platform is currently sharing this revenue as encouragement for tipped employees who are struggling now more than ever.

“The ad revenue share is based on revenue we receive from Advertisers each month,” says John Eric, Company spokesperson. “Our goal is to be a long-term home to benefit Tipped Employees beyond the pandemic; our monthly tipping is only limited to the amount of people who join our site.” Sharing Ad Revenue is a free platform that supports tipped employees who are also artists, performers and entrepreneurial spirits of all types. Members must be registered to qualify for the free promotion, which requires an upload of an initial video showcasing that member to verify they are a tipped employee. Members may then promote their cause and creative work through uploaded videos, while sharing those videos through social media and personal advertising. All videos must conform to the platform’s guidelines (no nudity, no pornographic material, etc.).

Other viewers may up-vote their favorite videos, tip the content creators, and follow their work in the future. The more that new viewers join and watch, the more ad revenue is generated, allowing each content creator to benefit from the platform. “My Tips, My Life”

Some major features of the platform always include:

  • My Tips: The platform encourages digital tipping for each contributor’s video. Visitors can upvote, comment on, discuss and tip videos that excite their interest.
  • No Charges or Fees: Video contributors receive 100% of their tips through PayPal, minus any PayPal fees. There are absolutely no hidden platform charges or fees.
  • QR Codes and Personal Branding: The platform supports and encourages personal branding as a way to grow a loyal audience for each contributor. QR codes and personalized products are supported and recommended, allowing contributors an easy way to give fans access to a contributor’s specific material.
  • My Life: is based in life and in culture. Contributors are welcome to use it as a launching pad for a whole range of artistic pursuits and entrepreneurial endeavors. gives service workers a venue for their extracurricular pursuits, allowing them to monetize those activities and begin building a foundational social following. Learn more at:

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