Mobile Disinfection Service Co. Helps Businesses Get Sanitized, Safe and Re-Opened 

Sanitized Now

Sanitized Now, a mobile disinfection company, is helping create Safe Sanitized  Spaces for home and office. The company provides a combination of special disinfection/sanitizing (no touch spray) and Germicidal Irradiation UV-C light to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses on a large list of office and household surfaces. “We’re providing solutions to keeping spaces safer for employees, customers, and families, “ says Carmela Palmieri, the company’s safety officer. Sanitized Now uses all N-list EPA-registered, hospital-grade sanitizers to fight and kill viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.

Sanitized Now uses proprietary electrostatic, fog, and aerosol-misting machines to disinfect high touch areas in all types of environments. This includes door handles, cabinet doors, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, faucets, employee break rooms, desks, doorways, etc. “We sanitize places such as commercial offices, restaurants, warehouses, homes, churches, HOA community centers, stadiums/concert venues, schools, banks and many other spaces.” says Carmela Palmieri.

Sanitized Now is one of the very few companies using a highly effective UV-C Light Germicidal Irradiation method on electronics. These specialty lights kill viruses and bacteria on computers, keyboards, phones, printers, copiers, money counting machines and many other types of shared office and home electronics. “Our goal is to provide solutions for businesses and homeowners to create safer spaces where we live, work and play. Our sanitizing spray is safe for people and pets,” explains Palmieri.

Sanitized Now is a local Phoenix based company but disinfects spaces all over Arizona. Our mission is to provide a sanitizing process that interrupts the transmission and spread of viruses and bacteria. While the Coronavirus is easier to eliminate than most other bad bugs like Salmonella, SARS, E-Coli, H1N1, Ebola etc, it is however very capable of spreading with ease.  For this reason, we practice and implement current CDC guidelines of sanitizing to insure the most effective virus and bacteria 3-5 log kill (a term used for the efficiency of up to 99.999% kill rate on virus and bacteria).

All businesses and homes receive a certificate indicating that the premises were sanitized.  It helps customers identify the space they are walking into, working in or living in as a Safe Sanitized Space. With the use of our special technology, we keep you, your families, employees, customers, and communities safer by helping to eliminate viruses and bacteria.  All our work is verified by scientific testing.  We take pictures of our job sites both before and after.  We share the results with our customers and help them to initiate protocols in their businesses and home life to keep employees and customers as safe as possible. “The post Covid-19 world has changed dramatically.  Our job is to help make it as safe as possible,”  says Palmieri.

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