Local Pharmacy Pivots Focus to Home Delivery

by Jenifer Montano

SpotRx Pharmacy is a local full-service pharmacy that leverages innovative technology to create greater access to medication through kiosk pick-up and free home delivery.

Best known for its pharmacy kiosks, which allow patients to pick up their medication without leaving the doctor’s office, SpotRx also offers additional ways for people to access their medication. Like many traditional pharmacies, patients can pick up their medication at their retail location or arrange at-home delivery.

While monitoring the initial impact of COVID-19, SpotRx saw the importance of pivoting its business model to focus exclusively on medication delivery. This transition ensured that all current and future patients would have reliable access to all of their pharmacy needs. Because home delivery was already a service offered by SpotRx, the company was able to transition quickly to a delivery-only model.

“Ensuring we provide best-in-class service to our patients, especially in times of uncertainty, has always been our primary goal,” says Chief Pharmacy Officer Neil Presiozo. “Understanding our need to quickly and efficiently move to a delivery model has given us the ability to focus on one specific service. This focus has allowed us to streamline our delivery system across all of our markets.”

SpotRx has taken additional steps to guarantee patients remain safe during the delivery process, like implementing contactless delivery of all medication. After verifying by phone that all patient information is correct, a highly trained pharmacist begins the prescription fill process. During delivery, the courier places the patient’s packaged medication at the door, rings the doorbell, and steps back six feet. Unlike the average mail-order delivery, the SpotRx courier will not leave the package unattended.

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