Feedback: June 2013

by Trish Bear | Douglas L. Davis | Brad Jannenga

Question: Your company’s field of technology is recognized as one of the state’s important clusters. How is your company’s presence helping us become a technology capital?
Feedback_TrishBearTrish Bear
President and CEO
Sector: Internet Technology

Since 1998, I-ology has been focused on transforming Arizona-based businesses through developing robust Web technologies as well as supporting the expanding role our technology community plays in the Arizona economy.

I-ology believes passionately in supporting Arizona as an emerging technology capital in three fundamental ways: For more than 15 years, we have been supporting community organizations, such as the Arizona Technology Council and American Marketing Association, in moving technology legislation forward. We are also concerned with technology branding — it’s critical that Arizona continues to refine and portray a sophisticated state image in the recruitment of technology talent. I-ology continues to promote to out-of-state talent that we have not only lucrative jobs to offer but also a pretty incredible lifestyle. Third is our ongoing support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, which is very important because it continues to promote not only critical jobs for the future but also provides our future work force with the necessary advanced education.

We are confident technology will continue to be a driving force in our economic growth.

A recipient of numerous industry awards and an active community involvement leader, Trish Bear is an established and well-recognized veteran of the Web industry. Under her guidance, I-ology has experienced exponential growth. I-ology creates Web-based business tools to streamline a company’s operations and has been recognized multiple times for achievements and distinctions in growth and excellence from industry leaders, publications and organizations.


Feedback_DouglasLDavisDouglas L. Davis
Vice President, Intel
General Manager, Intel’s Arizona Fab/Manufacturing Site
Sector: Semiconductor Process Technology, Manufacturing

Intel is building the most complex machines ever built by humans — and we’re doing that in our wafer fabrication facilities in Chandler. Our newest technology is built using tri-gate or 3-dimensional transistors, which is the most advanced semiconductor process technology in the industry.

The presence of these factories and technologies in the Chandler area creates high-value engineering, technician and support jobs that are valuable to our local economies. And the many suppliers that are essential to these operations are also developing their technologies, infrastructures and capabilities accordingly. This nurtures a local high-technology ecosystem as a corresponding attribute to our expanding “technology capital.”

In addition, Intel has a strong relationship with Arizona State University and hires a large number of graduates from several engineering, science, supply line and finance disciplines. The collaboration with partner companies, universities and state, county and city governments is key to the continued growth and vitality of Intel in Arizona.

As corporate VP and general manager of Arizona Fab/Sort Manufacturing within Intel’s Technology and Manufacturing Group, Doug Davis is responsible for all aspects of the Arizona wafer factory operations. He has an extensive background in product development, business management and engineering leadership, and has led Intel’s businesses in areas such as embedded, communications, industrial automation and tablets. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.


Feedback_BradJannengaBrad Jannenga
Sector: Computer Software Technology, Healthcare

Through WebPT, we’re creating an ecosystem larger than ourselves — one that benefits our company, our employees, the Arizona tech scene and the Valley as a whole. Not only have we launched our extremely fast-growing start-up in Phoenix — which means we’re providing jobs in Arizona (more than 100 in the last year) — but we’re devoted to keeping the company here. That means as we grow we’ll continue to help the local economy.

And we’re not your average company. We do things differently, like focus on culture and collaboration — and community. This is what has allowed us to grow so quickly, attract rock-star talent and generate interest from top-tier national investors, which in turn brings attention to the state and other Arizona-based companies. And that’s the ultimate goal. That’s why we put so much emphasis on mentoring not only our own employees but also other entrepreneurs in the Valley. We don’t want to succeed alone; it will take all of us growing, learning and improving together to really make Arizona a technology capital.

In 2008, Brad Jannenga and his wife, Heidi, a practicing physical therapist, created WebPT, an EMR for the rehab community. Brad now serves as president and CTO as well as WebPT’s idea man. In 2009, the Arizona Republic named Brad Jannenga one of the “Top Entrepreneurs in Arizona,” and in 2012, the Phoenix Business Journal honored him as one of their “Top 40 Under 40.” 

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