Feedback: February 2018

by Chad Barnett, Elie Goodman, Charles Touché

Question: What is a new use you’ve made of technology over this past year for a marketing campaign?

Chad Barnett

Chair, Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust
President, Foods 2000, Inc.
Sector: Restaurant

For us, one of the best uses of marketing technology has been through partnership with Mobivity, headquartered here in Arizona. Mobivity’s SmartReceipt® connects what people buy with why they buy, to drive actions that grow our business. SmartReceipt collects our point-of-sale (POS) data, stores it in the cloud, analyzes it, and provides transaction insights that help us understand the results of our campaigns and inform our strategic business decisions.

SmartReceipt measures what drives customer behavior, and provides visibility that helps us focus budgets on programs that are proven to increase sales, transactions and customer frequency. SmartReceipt is also a communications tool that targets customers based on their real-time purchases, creating individualized marketing messages directly driven from a specific transaction. e also use SmartReceipt to activate local partnerships, reinforcing community ties and creating emotional connections with our customers. From contests and bounce-backs to charities and sports teams, SmartReceipt communications are relevant, timely and effective for local customers.

SmartReceipt provides a competitive edge in the very crowded QSR space. Understanding customer behavior is key to creating loyal customers.

Chad Barnett is chair of the local Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust and president of Foods 2000, Inc., which owns and operates more than 40 Subway locations in Arizona. 

Elie Goodman

Vice President of Marketing
Sector: Healthcare

At MeMD, we take a strategic and data-centric approach to marketing that not only benefits business development efforts, but allows us to better serve employers and consumers with our telehealth solutions. This past year, we utilized free flu maps generated by Google and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to geo-target parts of the country hit hardest by the flu via Facebook advertising.

Our previous customer research showed that convenience is the top reason people choose MeMD over other healthcare options for common injuries and illnesses, such as the flu. With this knowledge, we ran ads making it easy and convenient for flu fighters to speak with a provider quickly over the phone or their computer. We drilled into our target audience further, segmenting according to the psychographics and demographics of typical users, based on our internal data. This approach was not only effective at driving new business affordably, but we were able to better serve consumers and educate the public about the advantages of telehealth in the regions where our service was needed most.

Elie Goodman serves as vice president of marketing for MeMD, a Scottsdale-based telehealth solution for businesses and consumers nationwide that provides online care for common illnesses, injuries and behavioral health issues. He oversees all marketing strategy and execution, including branding, digital marketing, advertising, promotions, team building, resource alignment, print and Web design, and engagement efforts.

Charles Touché

Lovitt & Touché
Sector: Insurance

For more than 100 years, we have primarily taken a relationship-based approach to marketing and business development. This has proved to be very successful, and has helped deepen our roots within the Valley and Tucson communities. In recent years, though, we have started to expand our tactics and use more technology to support our relationship-based approach.

As an example, we offer insurance and risk management solutions specifically for businesses in the life sciences industry, as well as schools and educational institutions. To reach the right decision makers in these sectors, we have started developing custom website landing pages and educational content specific to their needs. We are then driving traffic to these landing pages via targeted email campaigns, and we plan to delve into digital remarketing in the near future. We will always be committed to long-term, sincere relationship-building — as it’s engrained in our culture — but we are now exploring more digital opportunities to initiate those relationships.

Charles Touché is CEO of Lovitt & Touché, one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokerages, with nearly 200 employees in Tempe and Tucson and more than $400 in total annual premium. Touché has served as CEO since 1998, and he drove the effort to expand operations to the Valley in 1995. Lovitt & Touché has served Arizonans for more than 100 years. 

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