Start the Mental Health Conversation

by Jonathan Shroyer

Stress and burnout continue to be critical issues in the workplace. And, while great inroads have been made in overcoming any stigma attached to the topic, there is still some hesitation in bringing it into the open.

Here are five ways business leaders can start the conversation:

1. Create an environment of support and open communication. Companies that don’t prioritize mental health create cultures that are stressful and unhealthy. It is important to create a culture that is respectful of others and allows for open communication.

2. Lead by example and initiate the conversation. Team members will follow the example that is set in the workspace. Leaders who recognize the value of mental health days and take them themselves will demonstrate to their teams that mental health is not just about hanging up a picture in the breakroom, but something that is valued.

3. Explore and schedule mental health workshops. Learning with one’s team is a great way to create a culture that is team-oriented and supportive. It also demonstrates the importance of mental health and wellness. Taking time out of the business day to participate in a mental health workshop can be an effective way to do both.

4. Offer resources to employees and incorporate them into benefits packages. Plenty of companies offer fitness or education reimbursement, but they should also offer mental health reimbursement. If resources were readily available and viable options, they’d be taken by more people.

5. Create a culture that supports people. Ultimately, it’s important to create a work culture that supports and lifts up its employees. This is done on a macro level, with things like benefits packages, workshops and flexible work schedules. It is also done on a micro level. How leaders speak to their team members, how they lead their teams together and how they encourage open communication is key to creating a culture that supports its people.

Jonathan Shroyer is chief CX innovation officer at Arise Virtual Solutions, who has two decades of experience building up companies and leaders and was named by CIO Journal, a publication of The Wall Street Journal, among its “Top CX Professionals of 2022.”

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