Posture Impacts Productivity

by Mike Hunter

A new product addresses a health and productivity issue that affects a large segment of the workforce — poor posture. The UpRight Trainer is a small wearable that attaches to the upper or lower back and employs advanced smart sensors to vibrate gently when the user slouches, reminding him to correct his posture and, ultimately, training him to improve his posture.

UpRight recently released the results of its Corporate Wellness Initiative, conducted in partnership with Ernst & Young Israel. By introducing healthy posture habits into the workplace through training with UpRight, findings show improved employee health, productivity and mood. After just a few weeks of consistent training with UpRight, 75 percent of E&Y Israel employees participating in the study experienced improved posture and decreased back pain. As a result of improved posture habits from training with UpRight, more than half of the participants felt more productive and alert while at work.

Nearly half of the adult labor force in America suffers from head, back or neck pain, which negatively impacts their enjoyment of life and ability to work. The estimated cost to U.S. employers from lost working days and reduced productivity for back pain alone is more than $7 billion per year, and more than 70 percent of these costs come from exacerbation of existing problems. It is recognized that employers can foster cost-saving and life-saving behavioral changes by empowering their workforce with appropriate tools and training. Employees benefit from being supported to prioritize their physical wellbeing, and a healthier staff provides huge long-term financial benefits and immediate cost savings.

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