Arizona Lender Develops Foreclosure Prevention ‘Sell and Stay’ Options

Facing a foreclosure can be one of the most stressful things in our lives. You’ve worked hard and purchased the house you love, only to have it all threatened due to an unplanned event. The pandemic showed us how life could change overnight, and the unthinkable can come to pass. Millions faced the inability to pay their mortgages while banks offered no support. Current real estate conditions have ballooned the cost of housing across Arizona, making it difficult for many Arizonans to afford the cost of living amid economic uncertainty and high inflation.

With the combination of COVID-19’s economic impacts, raised interest rates and real estate prices increasing, millions of Americans are property rich and cash poor. As a result of the recent credit crisis, lenders have strict requirements that disqualify many homeowners from applying for re-financing and equity lines of credit. Without viable alternative options, many Arizona homeowners are forced to sell their homes and move. As a response to this new and unique challenge many Arizonans are facing, and as a trusted lender in the Valley for 30+ years customers, Hard Money Lenders Arizona has decided to roll out several Sell and Stay Options that will help people stay in their homes while getting the money they need now.

The company has been built on the foundation and mindset that just because an individual may not have traditional documentation, such as proof of employment and high credit scores, does not mean that they should be incapable of receiving lending or financing for any and all real estate purposes. Founder, Michael Iuculano, has facilitated over $1B in loans over the last 20+ years and is in the Top 1% of mortgage originators in the United States. He has the experience and skills to close creative deals that no one else can get done. All specialists employed with Hard Money Lenders Arizona are proficient in carrying this mentality out, in fast and efficient ways and provide customers with a plethora of knowledge on loan and home purchase programs.

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