Design to Grow 

by Mike Hunter

Design-to-GrowIn today’s world, every company is at risk of having a “Kodak Moment” — watching its industry and the competitive advantages it has developed over years, even decades, vanish overnight. The reason? An inability to adapt quickly to new business realities. Established companies are at risk, but it’s no easier being an agile startup because most of those fail due to their inability to scale. Tomorrow’s business winners — regardless of size or industry — will be the ones that know how to combine scale with agility. In Design to Grow, a Coca-Cola senior executive shares both the successes and failures of one of the world’s largest companies as it learns to use design to be both agile and big.

Title: Design to Grow: How Coca-Cola Learned to Combine Scale and Agility
(and How You Can Too)
Authors: David Butler and Linda Tischler
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Price: $27.95
Available: 2/10/2015
Pages: 256

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