2021 Halloween – Tricks and Treats for Family to Enjoy in Disneyland Resort!

Rick McCartney

BOO! Through October 31, 2021, it’s HALLOWEEN TIME  in Disneyland Resort! And Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure are serving up all sorts of SNACKS to go along with all the SPOOKS!

Mickey Pumpkins in Disneyland!

You can check out all of the festive fall fun happening around Disneyland Resort for the season by clicking here. But THIS page is dedicated to all the TREATS that come along with the Halloween tricks for Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort!

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First things first: You’ve got to know where to scare up all these spooky and autumnal delights, right? Right! That’s why we’ve created the FREE DFB-exclusive 2021 Disneyland Halloween Treats printable for you! Simply click the photo below to download and print our FULL printable!

And NOW… We’re gathering all of our seasonal snack reviews right here, so just click any of the links below to learn more about whatever strikes your frightful fancy!


Halloween Grey Stuff — Red Rose Taverne

Halloween Grey Stuff is a twist on the traditional Grey Stuff (a White Chocolate Cookies and Cream Mousse and Red Velvet Cake with a Raspberry Center) given a bit of a “spook factor” with a Tombstone Cookie and Halloween Sprinkles.

Halloween Grey Stuff

It’s $6.49 at the Red Rose Taverne!

“DIG IN” to our review of the Halloween Grey Stuff HERE!

Haunted Mansion Holiday Wreath Cookie — French Market Restaurant

Get a gander of the Haunted Mansion Holiday Wreath Cookie! It’s a Sugar Cookie, Strawberry, White Chocolate, and a Mint Frosted Cereal Wreath.

The Wreath Cookie!

Grab one — if you dare! — for $7.49 at French Market in New Orleans Square.

Click HERE to check out this sweet Haunted Mansion Holiday tribute!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Funnel Cake — Hungry Bear Restaurant

Pumpkin! Cheesecake! Funnel Cake!! It’s all in one treat… oh, and did we mention that the Pumpkin Cheesecake Filling that covers the Funnel Cake is also topped with ice cream AND whipped cream in the shape of Mickey??

Pumpkin Cheesecake Funnel Cake

It’s at Hungry Bear Restaurant for $8.99. And to see even more…

Find our Pumpkin Cheesecake Funnel Cake review HERE!

Loaded Onion Rings and Loaded French Fries — Hungry Bear Restaurant

They don’t call him the Hungry Bear for nothing… because he’s also serving up Loaded Onion Rings AND Loaded French Fries! Both savory snacks are topped with a Creamy Cheese Sauce, Crispy Bacon, and Green Onions. Check out the Fries…

Loaded French Fries

Here’s a look at those golden Onion Rings…

Loaded Onion Rings

And you can get one — or BOTH 😉 — to the tune of $5.99 each at Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Hmmm… Loaded Fries or Loaded Onion Rings? Think over which you might want the most HERE!

Seasonal Monkey Bread — River Belle Terrace

The Seasonal Monkey Bread is — can you guess?? — PUMPKIN! The monkey bread is topped with whipped cream and drizzled with pumpkin sauce for a pumpkin pie vibe.

Pumpkin Monkey Bread

Find it at River Belle Terrace for $8.00. (Don’t forget to make your Advance Dining Reservation!)

Click HERE to find our Pumpkin Monkey Bread Review!

Pumpkin Spiced Fritters — Royal Street Veranda

More pumpkin, you say? YES, please! The Pumpkin Spiced Fritters are served with a Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce. (YUM.)

Pumpkin Spiced Fritters

Grab a batch for $5.99 at Royal Street Veranda!

Click HERE for our review of this Pumpkin Spiced Snack!

Trick-or-Treat Sundae — Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

The Trick-or-Treat Sundae is TWO sundaes in one! The first sundae is made with Sour Gummy Ice Cream with Raspberry SauceGummy Treats, and Fruit Candies. The second sundae is made with Chocolate Ice Cream with Hot Fudge and Chocolate Candy Bar pieces. Even better, it’s served in a souvenir Mickey Kitchen Sink Bowl!

Two sundaes in one!

Now… the question is: Did we find this Sundae to be more of a TRICK or more of a TREAT? You can click here to find out, before you find it at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor for $16.99.

Click HERE to see if this Sundae is a Trick OR a TREAT!

Pumpkin Spice Pretzel — Snack Carts

The Pumpkin Spice Pretzel is flavored with a Pumpkin Spice seasoning and has a Cream Cheese Filling. 

The Pumpkin Spice Pretzel!

It’s $6.75 at snack carts around Disneyland. If you’re looking for some extra fun, you can grab a Brown Butter Cream Cheese Dip for $1!

Click HERE to find out of Pumpkin Spice really does make everything better!

Bride Churro — Churro Cart in New Orleans Square

The Bride Churro is a white chocolate churro dusted in vanilla and sugar, and it’s currently haunting New Orleans Square.

Bride Churro

We found this spooky snack at the churro cart across from Haunted Mansion for $5.75.

Click HERE to see this hauntingly sweet snack. 

Disney California Adventure

Chocolate and Matcha Churro — Willie’s Churros

The new Chocolate and Matcha Churro features a Churro rolled in Chocolate Cookie Crumbs, drizzled with a Matcha Cream Cheese Buttercream and Strawberry Sauce. There is, quite frankly, a LOT goin’ on here…

Chocolate, Matcha, AND Strawberries?!

You can find this treat at Willie’s Churros for $6.75.

Check out this LOADED CHURRO by clicking here!

Ghost Pepper Nachos — Lamplight Lounge

BOO! The Ghost Pepper Nachos serve up a plate full of house-made green tortilla chips, ghost pepper cheese sauce, ghost pepper-marinated steak, refried black beans, tomatillo avocado salsa, tomato, and cilantro.

Ghost Pepper Nachos

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