Valley Healthcare Co. Implements New Technology to Connect with Patients

Bayless Integrated Healthcare

Patients across the Valley will soon feel more connected to their healthcare providers thanks to a mobile app changing the way clinical documentation and data entry are performed. Bayless Integrated Healthcare, an Arizona leader in integrating mental and physical health, has announced a partnership with Seattle-based healthcare technology company, Saykara, to implement this new technology in its eight locations across the Phoenix area.

The amount of data entry providers must do is on the rise due to additional requirements from insurance companies and government agencies. During a typical appointment, providers must simultaneously converse with patients while filling out electronic health records on a computer, which creates the feeling that providers are disengaged and multi-tasking, rather than offering their full attention. The data entry workload can be so great that providers often bring it home to complete during evening hours, contributing to fatigue and burnout.

The technology from Saykara reverses this trend by utilizing artificial intelligence to automate the challenging and time-consuming aspects of clinical documentation. This frees providers from their computers and restores quality facetime with patients.

“Whole person wellness defines everything that we do at Bayless,” says President and CEO of Bayless Integrated Healthcare, Justin Bayless. “We know that the patient/provider connection is a deeply important part of that equation, and we continuously invest in the tools and technologies to improve that relationship. The more our patients feel heard during their appointments, and the more focused our providers are on them rather than data entry, the better our delivery of personalized medicine and the better our patient outcomes.”

At the start of an appointment and with the patient’s consent, the Bayless provider simply accesses the Saykara mobile app from their iPhone. As the provider and patient engage, the app interprets the conversation and translates it to the data required for the electronic health record, reducing administrative busy work down to mere minutes, rather than hours.

“Nobody wants to feel like they’re taking a back seat to administrative busy work when visiting a healthcare provider. This is when we’re all at our most vulnerable,” says President and COO of Saykara, Graham Hughes, MD. “By automating clinical documentation, our technology helps ensure that the time shared between a patient and provider is undistracted and that a trusting bond is forged.”

The introduction of this technology at Bayless comes at a time when healthcare providers are increasingly reporting burnout amid the COVID-19 pandemic and may help alleviate some of the pressures they face. The result is reduced fatigue in providers, increased facetime with patients and a more trusting and deeply connected relationship between providers and the people in their care.

Bayless Integrated Healthcare takes a collaborative approach to health, addressing the mental and physical care needs of our patients all under one roof. Our team of specialists provide compassionate, adaptable, innovative, reliable, and relentless care from infancy through late adulthood, offering family medicine, emotional and behavioral healthcare, addiction treatment, and social healthcare services for all ages and socioeconomic classes. Bayless has eight locations throughout the Valley and is the only accredited virtual care platform in Arizona.

Saykara is helping combat physician burnout and elevate productivity with a mobile AI assistant that automates clinical documentation. Known as ‘Kara,’ the assistant is proven to reduce time spent charting by 70%, eliminate after-hours charting by 100%, and enhance note quality and completeness by 25%. Plus, with no need for computer data entry during visits, Kara helps restore a more personalized and trusting physician-patient relationship. The solution is specialty agnostic, scalable at the enterprise level and available through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription.

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