Salesforce Solutions Co. Adds AI Technology to CRM Marketing Solution for Home Builders


ApostleTech, a leader in Salesforce application implementations and consulting, is the developer of HCP, a CRM solution built on the power of Salesforce and designed specifically for home builders. ApostleTech is now collaborating with AtlasRTX to enhance HCP’s marketing capabilities, adding chatbot tools, which allow users to track and engage leads through the sales process.

AtlasRTX specializes in AI sales and chatbot technology solutions that combine artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and automation to provide a real-time conversational web interface and text messaging that helps homebuilders connect with prospective buyers. HCP by ApostleTech was designed to offer small to midsize homebuilding companies a more affordable CRM with highly effective and efficient tools for managing sales and marketing operations.

“We’ve been developing and implementing customized CRM Salesforce-based solutions for more than a decade and during that time we have worked with some of the largest homebuilders in the U.S. and understand that the goal for homebuilders is to take leads and turn them into buyers,” explains Kyle Aulerich, CEO of ApostleTech.

Drawing on its experience building robust customized CRM solutions, ApostleTech’s development team configured HCP with front and back end integrations that allow home builders to manage their sales team operations in one system. HCP also provides easy access to reporting and analytics for tracking and managing sales leads and customers throughout the sales process.

“We saw the need for a more affordable and efficient CRM solution and developed HCP to offer home builders a strong technology foundation to build on as a company grows. Working with AtlasRTX to integrate their AI technology gives HCP more power than ever,” adds Aulerich.

AtlasRTX’s chatbot brings sophisticated AI to home builder websites, lead engagement, and model home visit follow-up by engaging customers online and via SMS – all of which now downloads into the HCP CRM. HCP also features a digitized sign-in process for prospects, email communication with pre-built templates for sales associates to send messages directly from the CRM platform, and It also allows managers to create custom lists and to organize and assign upcoming tasks for the sales team. In addition, HCP offers users the ability to maintain complete inventory of all ongoing projects and to create building scenarios for home buyers.

“AtlasRTX is pleased to provide an out-of-the-box integration with ApostleTech’s new CRM. The opportunity to trigger chatbot engagements with prospects from the CRM and for sales teams to both view and engage the customer both online and over text is what modern buyers expect,” says Bassam Salem, CEO.

HCP is available as a mobile app allowing sales representatives to record information, add new prospects to the system, create mobile visitor cards, log a be-back, send an email SMS text, set up appointments and send follow-up reminders from anywhere at any time.

ApostleTech was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Chandler, AZ. The company employs a team of experts specializing in implementing and supporting Salesforce solutions.

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