SaaS Platform for Influencer Marketing

by RaeAnne Marsh

Find Your Influence has become a leading SaaS Influencer Marketing platform, connecting brands such as V8, Tylenol, Budweiser and Delta to high-impact influencers and tracking their campaigns from start to finish. It was founded in July 2013 by Cristine Vieira and Jamie Reardon, who brought their complementary expertise in marketing and technology, respectively, and their experience helping run LifeLock’s digital marketing efforts for more than six years.

While at LifeLock, Vieira and Reardon managed an influencer program that was a tremendous help in boosting LifeLock’s online brand sentiment and overall share of voice online. At the time, Vieira explains, influencer campaigns were difficult to optimize, required multiple platforms to find and track the performance of campaigns, and required contracts with each influencer to facilitate payment. “Jamie and I quickly recognized a need in the space and stepped away from LifeLock to create the first influencer marketing platform,” Vieira relates. 

The advances that created the opportunity are also creating the challenges. Says Vieira, “We’re lucky to have launched a product in a market that is expanding, but with that comes the need for constant innovation and speed to market.” 

Sharing that her goal for the company is to be the leader in all things “influencer,” she says, “There is infinite opportunity in our space from helping the content creators, connecting Fortune 1000 companies and SMBs to the best and most relevant influencers and utilizing data to optimize performance.”   

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