Repairing the Public Disconnect toward Tech Companies

It is no secret that big tech companies have massive amounts of digital power. Five tech giants alone are projected to account for a fifth of all earnings accrued by the S&P 500 by 2023.

With tech companies having this amount of influence and power, it can be easy for the public to be or feel isolated and uninformed about various developments. A recent Zelros study also found that 96% of people value ethical, responsible and secure technology use from companies.

So how can tech experts and executives reach out to the public and resolve the disconnect people are feeling towards tech companies?

Jonathan Shroyer, Chief CX Innovation Officer at Arise Virtual Solutions, offers a few ways tech companies can bridge the gap between them and the general public.

Be transparent

There is an understandable lack of complete trust that the public has towards tech companies. One way to address public concerns is to be as transparent as possible regarding technological developments. Be as transparent as possible.

Hold your company and brand accountable

Maintaining and following a business code of ethics can be a great way to hold your company accountable. Publicizing that code and making it clear and accessible to the public is a great way to improve relations with the general public.

Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life. Being able to admit your mistakes will gain you and your company a lot of respect from people. Showing that you are actively working to improve will also garner respect from the public.

Accept and listen to public feedback

There will always be ways to improve, both professionally and personally. Tech companies and tech company leaders need to do a better job of listening to what the public has to say and taking their feedback into consideration when it comes to improving certain aspects of a service or product. When people feel heard, they feel like their voice matters. This should not be underestimated by tech companies.

Jonathan Shroyer worked to develop Officium Labs back in 2019, which was acquired by Arise Virtual Solutions in 2021. Jonathan Shroyer is now the Chief CX Innovation Officer at Arise Virtual Solutions. There, he leads the gaming and consulting verticals and runs the CX Lab in San Francisco. Shroyer has two decades of experience building companies and leaders up. CIO Journal, a publication of The Wall Street Journal, named Shroyer among its “Top CX Professionals of 2022.

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