Podcasts for Businesses 

by Dave Pratt

Podcasts are the hottest business trend and increasing daily. Podcasts can be produced professionally in a pro studio with experienced staff, and pro podcasting can help a business tremendously but amateur podcasting can hurt a business more than help. It is important businesses represent themselves at a professional level in everything they do. 

By utilizing podcasts, businesses can share valuable product and service insights plus gain community support. In the U.S., eMarketer estimates that the number of U.S. podcast listeners will increase by 16% year-over-year to about 107 million in 2021. With this podcast boom, more businesses and individuals are looking to grab a mic and join in on the action. Below are some tips on how a business can launch a successful podcast:

Speak Your Mind

Podcasts work best for strong speakers with a lot of content. The authoritative presence on podcasts allows the speaker to show enthusiasm and to connect with audience members through meaningful language and tone of voice. Having a business’s top thought leader as the host of the podcast will also allow listeners to ask questions and, in turn, receive insightful and timely responses from the best of the best in the chosen industry. 

Guests also play a vital role in a podcast’s success. It’s important to make sure guests are excited and qualified to share their thoughts on the podcast’s topic through engaging experience and stories. The more that a speaker can utilize storytelling, the better the understanding will be for listeners. 

Traits for a good host include charisma, adaptability and the willingness to receive feedback in order to grow from their performances. An exciting host with passion and preparedness will fuel a podcast and engage listeners to tune in beyond the pilot episode. 

Quality vs. Quantity

Viewers and listeners want to hear solid, quality content. It is important to not skimp on quality, because the audience will notice. Everything from top content to punchy episode titles to the control of background noise are all things to think about when producing a podcast. 

Before investing in expensive equipment like microphones, filters, stands, studio monitors, mixing headphones and multiple recorders, which can cost thousands of dollars, businesses should consider utilizing local resources to help get the best bang for their buck. An alternative is to have a pro studio produce and distribute the podcast at the highest quality possible at an agreed-upon rate. 

Having experienced pros on their side takes the guesswork out of podcasting and helps businesses avoid the awkward startup phase with cracking mics and guests who sounds like they are in a shoe box. Plus, it will save the first-time podcaster from aggravation. Why use duct tape and chewing game when a pro studio is available! 


Vodcasts are traditional podcasts with video elements added, making the experience more visually interactive. Star Worldwide Networks is the entertainment hub for Arizona’s first pro video podcast set, featuring four state-of-the-art robotic cameras and five modernized audio microphones. This type of setup allows hosts to create professional, high-end video and audio products to launch their brand to success.

Dedicated studio directors should produce and supervise the entire process to ensure seamless delivery. Adding the video element can be tricky, so a trusted team can help businesses avoid the bumps of audio issues, picture inconsistency or lighting problems that can be seen only by experienced pros behind the camera. 

With podcasts increasing business popularity and customer attraction, it is essential to follow these tips to be successful, credible and, of course, fun for both the company and the audience.

Dave Pratt is a Hall of Fame broadcaster, entertainer, multimedia expert and owner of Star Worldwide Networks & Agency, one of the nation’s fastest-growing digital media producers, distributors, and marketing agencies.

Speak Your Mind

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