Phoenix-Based Gaming Website Launches New Trivia-Based Game Concludle

Try Hard Guides, a premiere gaming website, has announced the launch of Concludle, a trivia-based game of clues and guessing. With the proliferation of daily games like Wordle and its offshoots, and the success of Try Hard Guides’ Wordle Solver, launching Concludle was a natural next step.

Concludle adds another level of brainteasing fun by mixing trivia, quickplay, and guessing games together. It’s fun, easy to play, and doesn’t require players to devote a lot of time to play, making it approachable to all players and maintaining the Try hard Guide ethos.

Each day, there is a new Concludle, and each Concludle has six clues to help players figure out the answer. The goal is to figure out what the clues are pointing to by needing the least amount of clues, and then players can share and compare scores with friends across social media.

“Concludle is a great way to start the morning or end an evening; it only takes a few minutes to work through the clues each day, and players are kept interested by the daily puzzles that span different types of trivia.” — Shaun Savage, Founder of Try Hard Guides

Concludle offers trivia across a broad variety of categories: from movies to sports to brands, players never know what will be next, so they have to have broad knowledge in order to arrive at the correct answer! Players can track their win rate, win streaks, and how many clues they tend to need to get each day’s puzzle.

“When we were brainstorming game ideas, we wanted something that took the ease and quickness of games like Wordle but give it a twist, which is how we came up with something that utilized clues and trivia. It leverages the popularity of crosswords, board games, and trivia that readily becomes part of players daily routines.” — Christine Mielke, Founder of Temptalia, Developer

Try Hard Guides has become a go-to resource for millions of people looking to improve their gaming skills. Readers have come to rely on in-depth guides that are easy to follow, topical, and timely as new games release. Try Hard Guides endeavors to make gaming more approachable to all levels of players while prioritizing the user experience with high-quality content and a streamlined interface.

Founded in 2021 by industry veteran, Shaun Savage, Try Hard Guides is a popular gaming destination website that reaches over 9 million unique gaming enthusiasts each month. Its audience is primarily based in the United States but also serves an international audience.

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