Medical Device Tech Co. Completes Spinout from Parent Company, Bolsters Executive Team with Key New Hires

Planatome, a medical device technology company that adapted atomic-level polishing used to manufacture the most advanced microchips and applied it to surgical instruments, announced today it has completed its spinout from Entrepix, Inc., and is now a fully separate entity. The company also announced today that it has expanded its leadership team with the addition of two key industry executives.

“Our atomically smooth surgical blades are unique in the market, the only tool of its kind designed to promote better surgical outcomes. There are some 5 billion scalpel blades sold each year, yet there has been no significant technical improvement since its original 1915 patent,” said Tim Tobin, chief executive officer of Planatome. “Over the past three years, we have refined and perfected our process for creating defect-free blades of all kinds to transform surgical expectations. Surgeons require cutting instruments to have precision and to induce the lowest trauma possible. Surgeons using our blades have told us they see improved outcomes, setting a new standard of care as a result.”

Planatome’s patented surface modification technology is based on chemical mechanical planarization, a process used to planarize silicon wafers in advanced chip manufacturing. Planatome applies this technology to dramatically improve the surface smoothness of surgical cutting instruments, beginning with the scalpel blade but soon expanding to a host of other medical devices, such as surgical scissors, laparoscopic tools and robotic end effectors.

Currently in use by surgeons across the country, Planatome blades have proven to be a low-trauma, high-precision surgical tool. Data has shown that surgeons, patients and healthcare facilities benefit from using the blades in surgery. Surgeons see less soft tissue damage at the incision, less closing resistance, cleaner margins, and fewer complications. Post-surgery, patients experience less inflammation, less pain and see faster healing with less scarring. The blades are FDA-approved and have recently been approved for use by several hospitals.

In a strategic move to support its product development and rapid growth, the company has hired industry veterans Keith Jeffcoat as chief technology officer and Steve Joachim as vice president of business development. These two respected industry experts bring a wealth of medical device experience and proven leadership to the team.

“We are honored and fortunate to have two highly capable medical device veterans join our leadership team. This marks a significant strategic step in our commitment to driving growth and innovation,” stated Bill Fender, Planatome’s president and chief operating officer. “Their hiring comes at a pivotal stage in our company’s evolution as we expand Planatome technology’s reach and introduce new product lines to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Jeffcoat brings more than 20 years of executive experience across the medical landscape, working most recently with Merz Pharma and Johnson & Johnson. Jeffcoat holds a doctorate in Engineering Management & Systems from George Washington University and an MBA from Troy University. He is also a certified blade smith whose deep understanding of a myriad of cutting instruments will keep Planatome ahead of the curve in many markets.

“I admire Planatome’s vision and ambition,” said Jeffcoat. “I am proud to join this talented technology team of medical agents of transformation. I look forward to enhancing Planatome’s capabilities and supporting the company’s mission of leveraging technology to serve patients and surgeons in new and better ways.”

Joachim will leverage his almost 20 years of experience to expand the company’s growing global network of surgeons and hospitals. Most recently, Joachim worked with Johnson & Johnson as vice president of Robotics R&D for Ethicon’s surgical robotics platform and digital surgery. Joachim holds an MBA from Penn State University and a Bachelor of Engineering from West Point. He brings his expansive network and longstanding expertise in the medical industry, becoming integral in growing the product and customer base as well as expanding the deployment of Planatome’s proprietary technology for strategic partners.

Joachim says, “Planatome continues to exceed expectations with its high-precision, low-trauma blades. Feedback from leading surgeons has been excellent. The opportunity to deploy this technology to other medical device product manufacturers is seemingly endless. The company continues to grow its value and advance its market position in medical devices with solutions that elevate the standard of patient care,” he added. “Joining this team of purpose-driven innovators, I look forward to helping deliver the company’s promise of Exceptional Surgical Outcomes.”

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