Local Businesses Take to Podcasting

by Mike Hunter

Podcasts have become a popular medium for businesses to connect with their customers and target market. Here’s a sampling from our local entrepreneurs.

Relentless Mentalityis a new podcast launched by Bayless Healthcare CEO and community leader Justin Bayless. It features conversations with change agents, leaders and individuals of achievement. Says Bayless, “My podcast strategy is not about driving business to Bayless Integrated Healthcare; rather, it is about inspiring passionate people to make a difference in our local community and the world … for me that difference is in the way we approach our relentless pursuit of a better patient experience.”

G.O.A.T. Show features interviews with true “greats” across a variety of fields. “I do the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Show podcast for a couple different reasons. Primarily because I want to develop myself and surround myself with really high-level people in both business and life. I want to ask these people the questions I need answers to in my life and in my business. The networking is also a huge benefit to growing my business,” says Mike Arce, founder and CEO of Loud Rumor.

Journey to 7 Figures is hosted by local tech software co-founder Jeremy Ellens of Lead Quizzes and is all about the journey successful leaders have taken to get their brand over the seven-figure mark — strategies that led to their greatest breakthroughs and the mistakes that held them back. “We decided to launch our podcast mainly to nurture and provide exceptional content to the people on our email list,” says Ellens.

The Russ Perry Showwas created by the founder of Design Pickle & Jar and author of The Sober Entrepreneur. In his weekly show, Perry shares what it means to live a sober lifestyle and how this lifestyle has fundamentally changed all areas of his life, business and personal. “I’m not a great writer, so with podcasting, I can just talk, a lot, about things that are passionate to me. And the crazy part is, people listen!” he says. 

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