From Security Camera to Intelligent Sensor

by Mike Hunter

While the security industry’s initial foray into analytics is largely over-promised and under-delivered, today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning are about to fundamentally change the core value proposition of the physical security industry, according to Interface Security Systems, a leading managed services provider, which makes this one of its top predictions for 2021.

Security technology is no longer seen as devices to keep people and property safe; it is finally becoming a strategic tool to help improve business operations. AI-based security solutions and cameras are now able to go beyond security to capture valuable marketing and sales transaction data, analyzing customer patterns and behavior. 

AI enables us to “see” in new ways. It’s impossible for humans to consume and accurately monitor the vast amount of video streams and other data available at most businesses, so AI is arriving at a time when we need it the most. AI can take otherwise unmanageable reams of data and turn it into actionable information. And that is nothing short of revolutionary for the physical security industry. 

The applications are limitless, and the ultimate beneficiary will be the customer. And at a time when organizations are having to be efficient with their budgets, it’s never been more important that the investment they’re making in their security systems should allow them to improve their overall business operations. 

Residential vs Commercial Cybersecurity 

Noting that large, new security solution manufacturers have, essentially, taken over the residential security space with slick new applications and easy DIY installs, Interface Security Systems predicts their logical next step is to seek out new markets. However, businesses should not be tempted to trade cybersecurity for the convenience and cost of these solutions. 

The complex technology requirements to develop safe IoT devices that are designed to effectively protect a commercial organization’s entire network from possible cyber-attacks are not the same as what is required for a residential application. Commercial security integrators should prepare to demonstrate the unique value they bring to the table, and/or partner with these new entrants to ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect their customers’ businesses.

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