Cloud-based Solutions for Salesforce

by Mike Hunter

Many licensing organizations in the public sector are still operating from on-premises infrastructure, meaning data is not easily accessible outside of the four walls of the office. It often requires in-person visits and for business to be transacted in a brick-and-mortar setting. To solve this challenge, Chandler-based MST Solutions developed the Licensing Solution for Salesforce, which is entirely cloud based. 

Creating an entirely cloud-based solution enables organizations to do a number of things they couldn’t before: Staff can access data anytime, anywhere; the company can integrate with other organizations to enable easy background checks and verifications (a process that is otherwise manual); inspections can be virtual rather than on-site; and self-service can be offered customers through an online dynamic portal. The self-service component enables customers to complete applications online and check the status of those applications, a process that previously had to be done in-person and via paper forms.

Finally, MST built the solution on a configurable system so that changes could easily be made on an ongoing basis. This was essential to licensing organizations as previous legacy software didn’t allow them to easily adapt processes or forms as statutes and requirements changed, which they frequently do. A configurable system also means the solution can grow and adapt alongside the organization.

MST Solutions’ timely response to the seismic shifts in the healthcare, public sector an manufacturing industries that were introduced in the second quarter produced better than anticipated Q2 growth and resulted in the company beating its first-half goals by double digits.

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