Regeneration via Headset

by Merilee Kern

There’s no time like the present to invest in tomorrow, which means taking control of our health today. The Cove headset and companion IOS app are a great way to track our health and improve our body’s regeneration through sleep and relaxation. Cove is a wearable technology that uses gentle vibrations to mimic human touch, providing feelings of calm so the body and mind function at the highest and most efficient level. It activates our “seventh sense” of interoception (the perception of sensations from inside the body) that enables us to detect our body’s internal needs and regulate them accordingly. Being in tune with our body helps improve our efficiency during the day, as well as relaxation and renewal at night, the result being better sleep, less stress and the ability to be more resilient and adaptable in life, including a better ability to handle emotions. 

Backed by scientific studies and research from Brown University and Harvard Medical School, Cove allows its users to become mentally stronger after each session. Cove comes equipped with a best-in-class PPG heart rate sensor and a 3D accelerometer. Weighing only 20 grams, Cove sits comfortably behind the ears and uses dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 to pair wirelessly with a smartphone.

Membership plan: 6-, 12- or 18-month

Merilee Kern is a Forbes Business Council, Newsweek Expert Forum and Rolling Stone Culture Council member.

Photo courtesy of Cove 

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