Eye-to-Eye Impact 

by Mark Quinn

Laptop with two people and a Eyelinez sticker product

Eye contact is essential for human connection, every time you make eye contact, you get a small dose of oxytocin, drawing you in.

Effective eye contact can be instrumental to someone pitching a proposal to the executive team, landing a deciding sale for the month, nailing the interview for a dream job or compassionately connecting with a patient. Amazingly, research shows it is possible to create this same response virtually. The trick is to create the perception of direct eye contact by looking at the camera.

This challenge isn’t new. Actors and newscasters have long known the need to look at the camera to connect with their audience; that perfect line of site with the camera is called the “eyeline.” Eyelinez is the new solution to help us all master this technique in our increasingly virtual world.

Eyelinez are vinyl, repositionable stickers that surround the camera with welcoming designs, reminding the speaker where to look to make eye contact, connect with the audience and master the virtual executive presence. They provide a simple solution to an outsized problem. Eyelinez are designed for every integrated and external camera in an array of clever designs. Users will never forget to look at the camera (or where it is) again!

Mark Quinn is CEO of Eyelinez.

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