Expect the Unexpected at New OBON Biltmore


OBON announced it will be opening its newest location at the high-end shopping mall, The Biltmore Fashion Park, in February 2022. Coming off a fresh rebrand and menu revamp the chef-driven OBON Biltmore location will focus on delivering guests an “Expect The Unexpected” dining experience like [it] never [has] before. The Arizona born restaurant currently has three other locations across the state that serve innovative, traditional and modern dishes from the elegant tuna carpaccio, the mackerel toast served on local bread and desserts like the Fruity Pebble Mousse Tart to a creatively crafted cocktail list. New for the OBON Biltmore location will be a Japanese Hard Charcoal grilling method known as Robata. This grilling method will introduce a flavor component previously missing from the OBON repertoire – smoke and char. Both proteins and vegetables will be included on the Robata menu and utilized for different dishes yet to be announced!

OBON’s very own Chef Paulo will be leading innovation at the Biltmore location with a dedication to sustainability and a thoughtful use of local farming resources. With a culinary background in Korean food culture, Chef Paulo is inspired to not only elevate the OBON dining experience in Arizona, but also incorporate more techniques for sustainable practices – from fermentation to dry aging and more.

“We have learned a lot in our journey as humans and restaurant operators. We have a more clear mission & vision today than ever before. We’ve adopted values that act as guides in our decision making – growth opportunities for staff, intention and integrity of our menu and a sense of how our restaurants affect the world. This new OBON is a reflection of our matured mindset and we will continue to curate and push boundaries and the expectations of our guests,” said Andre Joffroy, CEO, Founder.

Guests that visit OBON Biltmore will also be welcomed with these other highlights:

The Biltmore menu will feature an aging technique inspired by the Edomae Style for its sushi offerings. In addition to new techniques, they will begin to explore more sustainable fishing practices and plan to alter the protein list to honor both seasonal and environmental restrictions. There will also be new and interesting cocktail offerings several times a year as well as a yet-to-be announced partnership with local sake legend, Arizona Sake.

OBON Biltmore will incorporate murals and art pieces created by local and international artists. A large repurposed wood wall will serve as a canvas for selected artists. A short film following the artist will be featured across the restaurants popular Instagram account (@ObonSushi) following the February grand opening.

The new interior has multiple design components within the space, including artfully separated sections inspired by a bento box layout. Every room is curated to achieve a unique experience. Other interior elements include; a hanging garden, indoor trees, birch wood soffits, a grand bar, and a sleek sushi bar.

OBON is on a mission to revolutionize what it means to dine within their restaurants. They plan to positively impact the lives of their teammates and elevate the social, hospitality and dining practices of the cities they live in. Their mission is to continue to grow their understanding of sustainability as they begin to pivot their food program to one of progressive creativity.

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