COVID Verified: Bracelets Bolster Awareness

by Melissa Rein Lively

COVID Verified Bracelets

New purple bracelets let the world know the wearer has been vaccinated and is safe to be around as part of a global #IAMCOVIDVERIFIED campaign.

With three successful COVID-19 vaccines currently in distribution worldwide, health experts say the end of the pandemic is finally within reach. COVID Verified is a new program founded in Scottsdale that aims to support global vaccination efforts by offering an easily identifiable way for vaccinated people to voluntarily share their vaccine status and show their support and solidarity for others as the race to vaccinate the globe presses on. 

This new awareness bracelet campaign (similar to the Livestrong wristband) is designed to help people self-identify as being vaccinated and inform others of their vaccine status when they patronize businesses and visit public places. People who see the purple bracelet will know the wearer has been vaccinated and is safe to be around. (Wearers are encouraged to post their bracelet selfies to social media using the tags #IAMCOVIDVERIFIED and #IAMVERIFIED to encourage others to join the cause.)

COVID Verified is a voluntary self-identification bracelet program that’s based on the honor system that signals to others its wearer has had the vaccine, making others feel more comfortable at businesses and in public places and showing support for the global effort to encourage others get vaccinated as we return to normal life. 

For the last year, face masks have been the most recognizable symbol of the pandemic. Now, purple COVID Verified bracelets can take their place as a signal that we are moving the world forward together in a safe and healthy way.

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