Accessorize with a ‘Smart’ Wearable 

by Merilee Kern

The popular Apple Watch can be transformed into a “smart” wearable with minder, the patented, award-winning app + accessories. minder uses real-time visual biofeedback to coach and condition healthy habits like good posture, mindful breathing and purposeful breaks using a “gamified” environment and sensory cues. Designed to work on multiple touch points, minder makes healthy habits fun and produces outcomes clinically proven to reduce stress, increase strength, improve blood pressure and reduce chronic back pain. 

minder reminds users when and HOW to breathe, incorporating breathing options such as “Box Breathing” and “Diaphragmatic Breathing” along with a variety of soothing nature and ambient sounds. minder conditions posture through 360-degree, real-time biofeedback, visual prompts, audio chimes and soft tapping vibrations and allows users to schedule reminders — called ME/Mos (“Me Moments”) — to encourage mindful breaks. ME/Mos can be anything from a meditation break to drinking a glass of water to a full workout, and are centered around mindfulness, nutrition, movement, and healthful sleep habits, empowering users to take control of daily stress factors. Benefits of minder include improved mood, focus, sleep and core strength as well as reduced pain. The web site offers a free book titled “Why Posture Matters.”

Merilee Kern is a Forbes Business Council, Newsweek Expert Forum and Rolling Stone Culture Council member.

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