Law Firm Introduces a New Standard for the Modern Law Firm with 100% Remote Work Program

Rick McCartney

In a legal landscape where tradition often reigns supreme, Fennemore has decided to break the mold. As many traditional law firms are urging their lawyers back to the office, Fennemore is taking a bold step with our Fennemore Forward 100% remote work program. This option is for seasoned lawyers living in areas where Fennemore does not have a physical office. It reflects our dedication to meeting the needs of our existing team while growing our AmLaw 200 firm through flexibility, technology, and a reimagined approach to legal practice.

Forward, formally launching July 9, is more than a remote working initiative; it’s a comprehensive program designed to integrate and support legal professionals working remotely on a full-time basis. At its core, Forward is about leveraging technology to create a flexible, efficient, and inclusive working environment. This move is a strategic decision rooted in the understanding that the world of work is evolving. Fennemore is positioning itself at the forefront of this evolution, setting a new standard for what a modern law firm can be.

Chris Wilson is the Managing Director of Forward. Chris is involved in all elements of building out Fennemore’s national footprint for Forward, including recruitment and management of remote attorneys and integrating with the traditional side of the firm. As a business lawyer, Chris works with small to midsize companies in transactional matters involving debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, corporate governance and and shareholder issues.

The legal profession has long been defined by its adherence to tradition. Mahogany desks, imposing office buildings in expensive parts of town, and the physical presence of lawyers have been seen as markers of prestige and professionalism. Many Fennemore lawyers enjoy practicing in our 19 offices across six states and will continue to do so. However, the pandemic challenged these conventions, proving that high-quality legal work can be done outside the confines of a formal office. Despite this, many firms are pushing their lawyers to return to the office. Fennemore’s recent expansions have taught us how to effectively bridge physical distance while promoting collaboration, mentorship, and preserving firm culture.

We believe that the flexibility offered by Forward is not just a perk but often a necessity in today’s world. The rigid structure of traditional office life, with its long commutes and inflexible hours, often leads to burnout and decreased productivity. Forward allows lawyers and other legal professionals to work from anywhere, providing them with the ability to manage their time and balance their professional and personal lives more effectively. This flexibility is particularly appealing to lawyers, who are less willing to conform to the traditional demands of the legal profession. By offering a more adaptable working environment, Fennemore is not only attracting top talent but also fostering a happier, more productive workforce.

Technology plays a pivotal role in the Forward program. The legal industry has been notoriously slow in adopting new technologies, but Fennemore is embracing them wholeheartedly. Leading edge encryption and security protocols ensure secure communication between team members and protect client confidentiality; collaborative tools facilitate document sharing, real-time collaboration, and virtual meetings; our case management system streamlines workflow, tracks progress, and manages deadlines and we provide comprehensive training programs to help attorneys adapt to our systems and culture. This technological embrace enhances productivity and allows Fennemore to offer more efficient and cost-effective services to its clients.

Forward also opens up new avenues for talent acquisition. By embracing remote work, Fennemore can tap into a broader talent pool, attracting skilled lawyers from anywhere. This diversity of talent brings fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the firm, enhancing its ability to serve clients in a globalized world.

Clients’ expectations have also evolved, and Forward is a direct response to these changing demands. Forward enables Fennemore to meet client expectations for immediate, on-demand legal support by leveraging technology to provide timely and efficient services. This ability to adapt to clients’ needs strengthens relationships and ensures higher satisfaction levels, making Fennemore a more attractive choice for clients.

Fennemore’s investment in the Forward program is a testament to its vision of a future that enhances the well-being and productivity of its lawyers while meeting the evolving demands of clients and contributing to a more sustainable world. Fennemore is not just willing to adapt but to set the standard.

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