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Arizona in general and Metro Phoenix are among the hottest growth spots in the country. Numerous factors are touted to explain this, but certainly notable is the exceptional business leadership that characterizes our business community. So we have a responsibility…

Over the past several years we have looked at redefining leadership to be more inclusive, conscious about opportunity for all and more diverse. True leaders — and certainly the ones we chose for our 2021 Top Leaders cover story — already exemplify these traits. While many of us have made changes to lead and be even more effective, there is no doubt 2021 added to the challenge. Each of our 21 Top Leaders has been tested and each has had to overcome obstacles, with several surprised to find even greater success. We were clear that their stories and sharing of their experience were important because that placed a spotlight on the necessity for empowered leadership and what we, as a business community, need to grow business and Arizona.

In our cover story this month, we interviewed 21 top leaders and asked the tough questions. We asked them to be vulnerable and chime in on what leadership has brought for them and to our business community. They spoke up about responsibility, accountability, fairness, truth and so much more. Overall, it is clear that these leaders are part of what makes us great!

In this month’s feature article “4 Skills Everyone Needs to Thrive in a Digital Future,” Lee Lazarus and Janine Kurnoff take the next step and discuss how businesses can use data gathered through AI and machine learning to have connected, one-on-one relationships with customers for an insights-driven approach that, ultimately, strengthens business as people-centric.

We also look at relationships within the company, as Charles Eckert discusses performance management techniques as we move to a more remote work environment.

Communication is basic to every interaction. All too often, people think that communication is just what they say, and, while honing the messaging is vital, that’s only part of it — for anyone who wants to be understood. This month’s Roundtable goes beyond simple communication and interaction and looks at the special circumstance of health and the especially sensitive topic of vaccination. This is even more crucial since many people are skeptical and distrusting of the medical field (especially marginalized groups who have had negative experiences). 

Discussing another of today’s hot topics, Daniel Arana looks at U.S./Mexico Cross-Border Business Transactions in his Legal feature this month. 

As in every monthly edition of In Business Magazine, this December edition is filled with content over a varied range, from consumers’ frustration with identity authentication measures and issues related to reopening offices from pandemic closures to new franchise activity in our community.

And, as we have entered the end-of-year holiday season, the staff at In Business Magazine wishes all our readers a joyful season and a happy new year.


Rick McCartney
Publisher, In Business Magazine
President & CEO, InMedia Company

Rick McCartney is president and CEO of InMedia Company, a media technology company, and is responsible for producing many local, regional and national brands and media products. He is the publisher ofIn Business Magazine, which has been publishing in the Greater Phoenix area since 2011. In 2022, In Business Magazine will be expanding into both Denver and Austin, Texas, with new editions.

McCartney is a member of several nonprofit boards and is involved with local and national organizations — all focused on economic development, children’s education and equity issues.

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