Message Received

by Mike Hunter

Each generation in the workforce today — baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z — responds differently to different styles of leadership and communication. Message Received provides an actionable plan that readers can use to optimize communication within departments and among teams. Author Mary Donohue delivers a seven-step solution for motivating and inspiring people who respond to communication approaches differently, especially when it comes to technology: Step 1 is to understand how the human brain responds to communication through technology; Step 2 is to identify how individuals listen; Step 3 is to diagnose team engagement issues; Step 4 is to customize conversation; Step 5 is to analyze a team’s Digital EQ; Step 6 is to interpret generational triggers; Step 7 is mastery: realizing one’s power as a communicator.

Mary Donohue

224 pages
McGraw-Hill Education
Available: 9/27/2019

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