How to Hire Candidates for Your Growing Small Business during the Pandemic

by Edgar R. Olivo

Despite the major losses many small businesses have experienced since the start of the government shutdowns in March, there are still great signs for those in essential categories who are experiencing the need to hire.

Expectations of workers in the age of COVID-19 have become clearer: Workers want to feel safe, valued and given opportunities to grow.

This is not a new trend; however, it has become much more important for small-business employers to consider their approach on offering employment opportunities in a growing labor market.

Where to Post Your Job Opportunity?

Promoting your job posting is important to attract the kind of talent a small business is searching for. For maximum exposure, consider posting the job opportunity on the following:

  • Government Workforce Centers
  • Business Centers & Chambers
  • Colleges/Universities near you
  • Job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor or Zip Recruiter
  • Social Media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook

What to Consider in Your Job Description?

As a small business, you will need to be specific about the kind of work you are hiring for. Copying job descriptions from other companies can help you draft one, but it will need to be tailored to your type of business. Be specific about the following:

  • Your hiring procedures
  • Scope of work
  • Safety protocols during a pandemic
  • Schedule and flexible scheduling options
  • Work location
  • For remote work, the types of tools or programs a candidate needs
  • Incentives such as educational/training support, growth paths, health benefits
  • Compensation range
  • Experience or education? Which one do you value more?

Are There Any New Legal Considerations?

The pandemic has revolutionized the way we work and how we hire. With these changes come new regulations on labor laws. Take a moment to review any additional legal considerations from the following:

If you want to attract the best candidates while promoting your work culture positively, avoid the following during your hiring process:

  • Asking unnecessary personal or potentially illegal questions in your interviews.
  • Ghosting candidates during the application process and after interviews.
  • Making assumption about the candidate’s age and experience.
  • Not providing feedback to a candidate after they request a reason why they did not get the role.
  • Creating unrealistic expectations about a candidate’s experience.
  • Keeping old job postings that no longer need to be filled.
  • Disrespecting the candidate for any reason and lack of basic professional etiquette.
  • Complicating the hiring process with long applications and unnecessary surveys.
  • Wasting the candidate’s time with unnecessary travel.
  • Being unclear about your compensation packages and offerings.

When you are ready to hire, here is what you should prepare:

  • Know who you want to hire and be clear how the role needs to be fulfilled.
  • Decide where and how to interview. If you are conducting interviews via teleconference, you can ask your candidate to find a quiet and appropriate environment to connect.
  • Be considerate of the candidate’s job search journey, especially during the times we are in. It is not uncommon for a candidate to have filled out countless applications before you meet them. A potential candidate will be anxious, nervous and excited to meet you. Bring out the best in each candidate you interview by making them feel relaxed when you meet them.
  • Once you have hired the right person, what is your onboarding process? How do you make your new employee feel welcomed?

Growing your small business team during the pandemic is a good thing. As an employer, preparing with these simple tasks to onboard new candidates can help you stay organized while promoting a welcoming hiring process.

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EDGAR RAFAEL OLIVO is a bilingual business educator, economic advisor and contributor for several media outlets. He’s a nonprofit executive who is passionate about education. He is certified in finance and data analytics and holds a business degree from Arizona State University.

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