Four Steps to Thinking Positive in Business

Take action toward a mindset that makes a difference

by Justin Thorstad

It’s long been known by successful people what a powerful tool positive thinking can be. Just think of all the inspirational quotes out there that point out the impact of the right attitude and the importance of perseverance. Positive thinking can help people in all aspects of life, and it can be incredibly powerful in the way people conduct their businesses and lead their teams. While the “half glass full” mentality doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it is certainly something that everyone can do — if they put in a little effort toward reprogramming their brains toward a positive mindset. 

Here are four steps to get started:

Tune out the negative. In stressful times and in challenging business situations, it’s understandable that people may hear more negative thoughts than positive ones — both from outside sources and from within their own heads. But everyone has the power to literally turn off those negative thoughts that can stand in the way of their goals and desires. Changing the thought process can help people remove the roadblocks that negativity can produce. Negativity, in the form of insecurity or people’s internal dialogue, can also prevent people from achieving all they are capable of and truly going for it. So, instead of listening to the negative thoughts, reframe them into positive thoughts. 

 Show up for the party. This tip is about accountability, and about people striving toward being the best version of themselves through their actions — even if they’re not “there” yet. For any individual, success in life is largely due to the person they are at any given moment, and everyone has the power to make the choice to truly show up to the party and to create their own reality as they choose to see it. This requires people do some internal work to clearly define who they really are and who they are really determined to be — followed by the choice to take action and commit to becoming the best version of themselves every day. This often takes that aforementioned perseverance, but putting in the effort is so worth it.

 Go all in. As with anything in life, truly succeeding in something takes full commitment. Those who want to be a different, and better, version of themselves need to put in the effort to get there. They have to believe they are capable of it and consciously tell themselves to just go for it. When people hold total conviction on their thoughts, they can see it come to fruition. But they need to believe in their ability 100% and give their thoughts the power to help them achieve anything they desire.

Seek resources and tools. Those who are looking to use positive thinking to make a change in their lives should know they don’t have to, and shouldn’t, navigate this journey alone! They can attend a seminar (even if virtual at this time), read articles and books about how to channel positive thinking into measurable business (or personal) success, or even hire a coach. People should consider these to be important resources and tools required to help them develop into their best selves. With the proper coaching and resources, people can use their newfound approach to positive thinking to navigate any situation, regardless of how difficult or how “impossible” it may seem. It’s important to keep reminding oneself that, with positive thinking and true conviction, anything is possible. Utilizing the right tools to achieve that unwavering belief is a very important step toward being able to apply the power of positive thinking in everyday life.

For many people, simply having the awareness of wanting to make a change is the first step toward becoming the version of themselves they want to be. Positive thinking can truly change one’s entire life and can help a person achieve unlimited amounts of success, be it in business endeavors or their personal life. By taking action toward this mindset, people can remove the negative thoughts that have been holding them back from becoming who they really are, so they can find success — and, ultimately, true inner happiness, which is the highest level of personal success.  

Justin Thorstad is the designated broker and owner/founder of Libertas Real Estate, which serves the greater Metro area with branches in Phoenix, Glendale, Goodyear, and Surprise. Thorstad leads his team of 170 agents (and counting) with messages of positive thinking and accountability to help them succeed in the industry.

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