Feedback: August 2020

by Brad Brigham, Heather Clark, Teresa DiGiuseppe

Question: The COVID-19 pandemic has upended business-as-usual. How have you pivoted your business to meet the challenges and changed marketplace?

Brad Brigham

Risk Assessment Group
Sector: Human Resources

Risk Assessment Group primarily serves Human Resources professionals who work directly with employees. We’ve always looked for ways to offer value to our clientele, which led me to explore offering benefits that could help HR staff recruit and retain employees. 

As COVID-19 emerged, we saw a steep demand for Teledoc services, both for HR professionals managing the work-from-home environment and employees who have lost their jobs. While employees may be hesitant or unable to visit the doctor right now, Teledoc services offer access to physicians 24/7 by phone or video. Those doctors can offer a diagnosis, treatment options and even prescriptions. We responded by making Teledoc a free, core component of our benefits packages, and launched it through the Benefit Guard as a sister company to Risk Assessment Group. 

Not only are we providing a complementary service to our current clients, we have retained trained staff who are already knowledgeable and experienced in serving the Human Resources industry. That has solidified and expanded our current business relationships, all while diversifying our revenue stream.  

Brad Brigham, president of Risk Assessment Group, is a licensed private investigator. He started his background screening company 20 years ago when the industry was in its infancy and has personally grown the company to serve both domestic and international corporations. Clients range from small business to Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, energy, technology and finance. Brigham graduated from NAU with a degree in criminal justice. 

Heather Clark

Founder and Owner
Sector: Fashion

At the onset of COVID-19, we immediately saw the need for face coverings to provide safety on a global scale and we expanded our business model to create a new opportunity. Over the years, we have become well versed in quickly adjusting to and responding to varying economic climates while also being cognizant of how we can reduce and recycle materials. We decided to take the materials we already use to accommodate a critical worldwide need by making breathable, comfortable lightweight face masks available in a variety of patterns and colors for all ages.

As a business owner, I know it’s important to look at unforeseen circumstances, both good and bad, and find a way to learn from them, to grow from them and to benefit from them — as well as to help others. We believe that with this pivot of our company, we can offer a positive spin on the devastation that this pandemic has caused by helping people stay safe during these times and to normalize “masking up” while making it fun and fashionable, too.  

Heather Logan Clark created Pomchies in 2002 to utilize the excess unused swimsuit material from her previous swimwear company to create fashion accessories that include headwear, luggage tags, pet products, water bottle carriers and more. Clark is proud hers is a certified woman-owned company that serves the needs of her clients around the world, including the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and the UK.

Teresa DiGiuseppe

The Joint Chiropractic
Sector: Healthcare

Success to me has always been about uncovering one’s life purpose. When my husband and I purchased our first Joint Chiropractic franchise, we wanted to help others the way chiropractic care had helped us find relief from pain and make a positive impact on the health and wellness of our patients. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, chiropractic care was an essential healthcare service. We felt a commitment and responsibility to help steer pain patients away from hospitals, where risk of exposure is greater. 

With COVID-19 changing how people live, they’re exposed to stresses like fear and anxiety. These are detrimental to both the mind and body, manifesting into back, neck and shoulder pain. Although things change daily due to COVID-19, I’ve become a better leader by remaining focused on the positive. Our business goal is to continue empowering our staff and adapting at a moment’s notice, including increased hygiene protocols, reducing the number of patients allowed in the adjustment bay and requiring staff wear masks — all in an effort to decrease risk of exposure.  

Teresa DiGiuseppe has been part of The Joint Chiropractic since 2012 and owns eight clinics across the Phoenix metro area. She has a charismatic business acumen with outstanding presentation, negotiation and relationship skills, and a proven track record in building synergy between departments to support strategic objectives and drive profitable growth. In 2018, DiGiuseppe and her husband were recognized with the Franchisee of The Year award.

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