The 9 Types of Leadership

by Mike Hunter

the-9-types-of-leadershipIn the past few years, mindfulness and other approaches to self-awareness have begun to transform the American workplace. The 9 Types of Leadership provides a pathway to greater self-awareness and social skillfulness, helping one orient oneself when caught up in people problems that one doesn’t know how to work one’s way out of. By providing extremely detailed and accurate descriptions of nine recognizable personalities, this book is an unmatched tool for businesspeople to use to decode the mysteries involved in understanding why people do what they do, why we have conflicts with some people but not others, and how we can become aware of our blind spots. Most importantly, it can help leaders know themselves in a deeper way so they can more effectively lead others.

The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st Century Workplace
Author: Beatrice Chestnut, Ph.D.
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Available: 1/31/2017
Pages: 352

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