41% of People Report Not Feeling Valued by Their Boss or Employer

by Jonathan Shroyer

A recent study of 1,000 people across the US and Canada conducted by Jonathan Shroyer, CX Innovation Officer at Arise, found that 41% of all people surveyed said they did not feel valued by their boss or company. It also revealed that the top 3 traits people prioritize in a boss are trustworthiness, clear communication and dependability.

If you are a boss or perhaps will be one in the future, it is important to ask yourself how you can do that job well. How can you be an effective leader? What makes a good goss a great leader? Shroyer has a few suggestions to help your employees feel valued and to be seen as a great leader.

1. Be honest and credible
The phrase, “honesty is the best policy,” is popular for a reason. Being honest with your team increases your credibility. This means that your team feels comfortable with you and can trust you.

2. Be a vision caster, story teller
Your ability to be innovative and creative is what pushes a business forward.

3. Active Listening, emotionally intelligent
Being an active listener to your team is incredibly important for overall, long-term business success. A good boss will listen, a great boss will actively listen and practice emotional intelligence.

4. Work Hard
A good team is only as good as their leader. If you are not willing to work hard, why would your team feel the need to do so? This is the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss tells, a leader shows.

5. Be Kind
Kindness is an extremely undervalued trait to have in the workplace. Being kind and respectful to your team can make all the difference in the day-to-day as well as long-term success of your company.

Jonathan Shroyer developed Officium Labs in 2019, which was acquired by Arise Virtual Solutions in 2021. Shroyer is now the Chief CX Innovation Officer at Arise Virtual Solutions. There, he leads the gaming and consulting verticals and runs the CX Lab in San Francisco. Shroyer has two decades of experience building companies and leaders up. CIO Journal, a publication of The Wall Street Journal, named Shroyer among its “Top CX Professionals of 2022. Would you like to speak to Shroyer about how people can become great leaders? I’d be happy to schedule an interview for you!

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