U.S. Egg Lays It Out for New Dog Treat Company

by Mike Hunter

About five tons of eggshells will be diverted from landfills this year to make dog treats

Scrappy & Scraps Gourmet Pet Treats is a local enterprise founded earlier this year with a mission to harvest eggshells from local restaurants and hotels and bake them into pet treats. This helps the food service industry lower its environmental impact and, in turn, benefit the eco-system. The recycled shells will be collected weekly, pasteurized and ground into a fine powder. The eggshell calcium helps build strong bones and teeth, aids in circulation, hormone distribution, muscular movement and neuron transmission. The magnesium in the shells also helps regulate blood pressure and heartbeat. 

The pet food company’s partnership with U.S. Egg got it off the ground. In fact, the inspiration for Scrappy & Scraps came from U.S. Egg owner George Gebran’s two young daughters. U.S. Egg is donating leftover eggshells to be used as an ingredient in the dog treats and estimates it will donate approximately 10,920 pounds of eggshells.

“As a restaurant that prides itself on being ecologically conscious, we have a duty to reduce our environmental impact and help others do the same. Recycling the eggshells and baking them into nutritious dog treats will not only benefit the environment but other businesses, people and animals,” Gebran says. The concept fits well with U.S. Eggs’ commitment to making its restaurants environmentally friendly. The restaurants recycle, are carbon neutral, offer guests leftover coffee grounds for compost, have lowered the number of deliveries each week, use natural cleaning products and energy efficient lights. Through its partnership with Scrappy & Scraps, it will divert about five tons of eggshells from landfills this year.

The recycled eggshells will be collected weekly and ground into a fine powder to be added to the dog treat batter. Eggshells are high in calcium and magnesium which helps build strong bones and teeth, aids in circulation and hormone distribution. In addition to the nutritious value for dogs, the shells will no longer take up space in the local landfill. About five tons of eggshells will be diverted from landfills this year.

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