To Better Serve the Hispanic Community, Translation Must Be More than Literal 

by Mike Hunter

Plexus Worldwide™, a leading direct-seller of health and wellness products worldwide and a company that focuses on health and happiness, recently announced a formal initiative to better serve the diverse Hispanic community in the United States. 

Doing much more than just translating literally all materials, Plexus is making sure each release is being uniquely reviewed to ensure the meaning and phrasing is accurate to the intended message. The company recognizes there are many differences based on the norms of various countries of origin, just as there are different geographic norms in parts of the U.S., so the team is careful to appeal to as many people as possible while being as consistent as possible for the ease and understanding of our customers and Ambassadors. 

While the company has long had several documents and web pages in both Spanish and English, Plexus made the decision to expand its efforts making the entire Plexus website bilingual, and to making corporate announcements, training materials and product information available in Spanish. The company also began offering new events and opportunities for Spanish speaking audiences in 2018 and many its 700,000 Ambassadors already communicate with customers in their preferred language. 

Plexus has long offered some materials in Spanish, but Plexus realized it needed to ensure all its Ambassadors and customers understood how important they are and therefore wanted to remove any language barriers as Ambassadors shared Plexus’s products with their networks. While this is a significant commitment, Plexus felt it important to demonstrate its commitment to the Hispanic community and, as a result, expanded its Hispanic outreach team within the company, hiring several talented individuals to assist Plexus in this commitment. 

Plexus has also been in Canada — and, as of April, is now in Australia, too. The company translates its releases to French Canadian, and uses the Queens English for in-country Canada and Australia releases. Plexus is also expanding its website and will be posting releases in multiple languages, based on user preferences. 

“As our business expands globally, it becomes increasingly important to communicate wit our customers and Ambassadors in the language they are most comfortable,” says Christopher Pair, president of the operations and international division. “Expanding diverse outreach across multiple platforms is a natural progression that will continue to grow as we launch Plexus in new markets.”

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