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from Jos Anshell

Stop what, you say? Stop doing things the way you’ve always done them. Clean your closet — those bell bottoms aren’t coming back. And if they do, I guarantee you that you’ll have to buy new ones.

The world has changed, and you’d better change with it or you’re going to get left behind — if you haven’t already. The Internet has changed everything — some for the good, some for the not-so-good. Marketing has always been based on understanding your consumers. Today, its a two-way conversation — in real time. If you don’t get that, if you’re not prepared to engage your customers, listen to them and alter what you do — right now — you’re in real trouble and you probably don’t even know it. That’s what we do at Moses Anshell every day.

A down economy. Sluggish recovery. Double-dip recession. These terms are used to describe the economic situation we hear about over and over again every day. While they may describe the situation today, they certainly do not reflect your efforts. I consistently hear from business owners that they are working harder than ever before just to achieve minimal results. Well, it’s time to change that, and I believe that if you use the most effective, the most cost-efficient and the most relevant marketing tools available today, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish for how little. ROI, that’s the name of the game.

In this issue, Max Kipling uncovers the importance of “return on investment” in this month’s cover story on building revenue through strategic marketing. Marketing your company in a way that will garner return is known to include a bit of magic. Kipling looks at the various segments of marketing that your company can employ to provide a return and speaks to industry professionals about what you, as a business owner, should be looking for when spending your money. Strategy, message and the right vehicles to promote that message may just be the answer to getting out of this down-turned economy.

Biosciences are becoming big business in the Valley and the growth of this industry is evidence of what can be done to boost industry by creating jobs and notoriety here. Alison Stanton exposes what it took to get this industry booming, the effect it is having on our economy and the example set for opening the Valley to new industry. With more than 800 bioscience companies in Arizona and new ones coming in each year, we are poised to become the Silicon Valley of bioscience.

Because there are enough risks in business, In Business Magazine editor RaeAnne Marsh cautions business owners of the vulnerabilities inherent in business these days with identity theft and security breaches becoming more and more of a daily occurrence. The effects can be devastating to a company, so she engages the advice of experts in business and the law to alert us to available protections and procedures.

This issue will not have all of the answers to all of the issues confronting businesses these days, but we present some steps and hopefully provoke some strong thought that will build business for us in the Valley.


Jos Anshell
Moses Anshell

Jos Anshell is responsible for the overall management of Moses Anshell. His knowledge and experience in market research, strategic planning and financial management have been the foundation of the agency’s growth and success during the past 27 years.
In addition to lending his expertise in support of numerous community organizations, Anshell has a lengthy record of leadership involvement in civic organizations. Anshell was named “Ad Person of the Year” in 2006.

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