Program for Snoozing

by Matthew Snyder

It can seem impossible in today’s hyper-connected world, where smartphones keep us tethered to our desks 24/7, to get the medically recommended seven to nine hours sleep each night, but it’s proven that sleep mismanagement leads to problems with memory, problem-solving, organizing, concentration and emotional control — all of which have serious repercussions in the workplace.

One tool to help us turn off our mind and get that vital rest is white noise, creating an audible cushion against which to doze off. Some use TVs, apps or even fans, but these can actually have the opposite result; digital sound and light stimulate the senses and fans create cold breezes. SNOOZ is a white noise machine with a real fan inside, creating natural, customizable sounds without blowing air onto the user. It also features programmable on/off settings and uses less power than its nearest competitor.

Matthew Snyder is co-founder of SNOOZ, LLC.

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