Probiotic Indoor Purification System

by Mike Hunter

BetterAir is the first purification system of its kind to use probiotics to purify the air in a home or workspace. The products diffuse patented Enviromental Probiotics (Enviro-botics) into any indoor space, purifying the air and surfaces and even penetrating hard-to-reach areas such as carpets, mattresses, ductwork and computer keyboards.

BetterAir’s patented Environmental Probiotics (Enviro-Biotics™) provide the only comprehensive solution that purifies not just the air but every object and surface, where 80 percent of communicable diseases are transmitted. In addition to cleaning and purifying the indoor air, surfaces and objects, BetterAir restores fresh air without the use of masking smells that have artificial, harmful chemicals; in fact, it uses no chemical or unnatural additives. It restores the indoor ecological balance to mimic that outside, and resets and restore the indoor environment with positive microbes. And it eliminates allergens that cause allergic reactions, helps reduce the spread of germs, and reduces indoor dust accumulation and build-up.

BetterAir is a simple, natural solution, resetting the indoor environment to the heathiest conditions that our bodies are designed to live in.
Starts at $399.99

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