Plants at Work

by Kevin Erdmann


Plants need jobs, too! A few plants can make the workplace a lot friendlier, both easing the eyes and helping people to breathe easier. When planning for an office plant, it’s important to take a couple factors into account, such as light and watering.

Plants are happiest where they can get light, such as in front of — not to one side of — a window, under a skylight or under a dedicated artificial light. The middle of the office, or against the wall away from the windows, is rarely bright enough to keep plants healthy, even though it looks bright to our eyes. Plants that are adapted to low light levels, such as Sanseveria or Chinese Evergreen, are useful in such areas.

Plant roots need water, but they also need air, too, so it’s a good idea to avoid pots without drainage holes. Put a saucer under each pot to catch stray drips, and empty it shortly after watering; bulb basters are life savers with large plants. Alternatively, with small plants, take them out of the saucer or cache pot, water them at the nearest sink, and put them back after they are done dripping. With most plants, let the top one-half to two inches of soil dry out between soakings. Too frequent watering can result in fungus in the soil, followed by fungus gnats, which are a blamed nuisance wherever they go!

With the right plants, it is easy to keep the work area happy and healthy!  

Kevin Erdmann is a certified nursery professional and master gardener with Berridge Nurseries.

Did You Know

Family-owned and operated to serve Phoenix since 1938, Berridge Nurseries presents its 22nd Art in the Garden on April 18, an annual event that includes food trucks, artists and farmers market.

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