Phoenix Product Development Co. Helps Companies Enter Booming CBD Market

Bōdee Organics

With Nielsen projecting the United States hemp-based CBD market could reach $2.75 billion this year, many companies are looking to add CBD products to their portfolios. By partnering with national contract manufacturer Bōdee Organics, they can enter the market much faster with fewer limitations.

Known for its full line of high-quality, hemp-derived CBD supplements and products, Bōdee Organics has extensive expertise in product development, distribution and retail that companies can leverage to produce and launch the highest quality CBD, CBG and CBN products. Unlike competitive manufacturers, Bōdee Organics caters to small- and mid-sized businesses, lowering the barrier for entry with smaller and more affordable product runs, as well as unique formulations.

“Forward-thinking companies and entrepreneurs are clamoring to get into this profitable industry with tremendous potential, yet success requires expertise that’s difficult to find,” said Bōdee Organics CEO Rob Francis. “Whether they want to create a small batch, limited product run or kickstart a new brand, we can help entrepreneurs and small business owners get started in the industry. We know what works and what doesn’t, as well as the challenges a regulated market presents. We can help newcomers overcome operational shortcomings.”

Whether companies require simple formulations for early studies or more complex formulations for large-scale manufacturing and commercialization, Bōdee Organics develops custom formulations rooted in research using potent, pure ingredients.

“With some of the finest professionals in the industry, we’re able to manipulate ingredients to achieve specific outcomes,” said Francis. “For entrepreneurs with an idea for a new product, we can take it from conception to distribution.”

Companies that want to enter the market faster can white label existing Bōdee Organics CBD products. Bōdee produces a wide range of products including supplements, edibles, pet products, cosmetics and nutraceuticals in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Products are also available for wholesale and bulk purchases.

“The most successful companies in the industry focus on quality from the onset,” said Francis. “Because Bōdee Organics formulations are triple tested for purity and accurate dosing levels, companies are able to offer an outstanding product to quickly get a reputation for excellence.”

Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Bōdee Organics simplifies complex manufacturing and end-to-end supply chain challenges that companies encounter in the CBD and hemp spaces. Committed to providing the highest level of quality, Bōdee Organics helps companies nationwide develop and distribute a wide range of supplement, food, cosmetic, skincare and pet products with unique formulations.

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