Personalizing Job Satisfaction

by Stan Sipes

According to SmallBizGenius’s survey “Job Satisfaction Statistics,” 72 percent of surveyed professionals say having more work benefits increases their overall job satisfaction. Considering a large portion of time is spent in a work setting or completing work-like tasks, it’s critical employees are fulfilled and happy with what they do for a living. One industry that offers benefits unlike most is the tech industry, which has now become one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, including Arizona.

For example, competitive day-to-day and long term benefits — both necessary for job satisfaction — has helped Veyo, one of the nation’s leading non-emergency medical transportation brokers, stand out in its space. At Veyo, we believe it is not only important that employees enjoy the tasks at hand, but they must love the job itself. Although long-term benefits such as paid time off, healthcare, 401(K) and others are standard among most companies and highly ranked and prioritized from employees, the day-to-day support and encouragement we provide is game changing.

Outside of the normal paycheck, employers can show further investment in their employees by providing a well-rounded and diverse company culture that supports the overall mission of the company, something Veyo prides itself in. When employees are surrounded by a team that not only supports one another, but encourages each other to grow both personally and professionally, it makes the day-to-day work more enjoyable. Along with team bonding experiences outside the office — whether that’s supporting sporting events, holiday gatherings or volunteer activity within the community — leadership can also support professional development opportunities such as internal contests with prizes, training, workshops, conferences and attendance at industry events.

Incorporating everything above will provide a company with a well-rounded benefit program, which will ultimately help with company morale, employee retention and long-term goals for the business.

Stan Sipes is executive vice president of Business Development at Veyo.

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