Pandemic Job Search Tips: Employers and Seekers Take Note

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How do you begin a job search when so many businesses are closed now or are focused on just trying to keep their doors “open”?

“Just making it to tomorrow is a challenge right now. But even in the midst of these times, or maybe especially because of them, it’s important to begin a job search for potential work opportunities in the post-pandemic future,” says certified leadership coach and career strategist Tamara Raymond. “You should be doing this even if you still have a job as many companies may need to downsize after the pandemic has run its course. In other words, you should try to get ahead of the situation.” 

Raymond, author of “Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career,” offers these pointers.

First, though we all face the challenge of social distancing right now, fortunately we can remain connected through the technology of the Internet and social media. For that reason, even though paying bills might be a challenge at the moment, it’s critical that you keep up with your phone and Internet payments so that you can stay connected to others and current employment information.

With your phone, tablet, or computer, Raymond advises that you set aside about an hour every day to research:

  • Companies in your industry whether they are hiring or not (location, typical pay, worker satisfaction, open or not during the pandemic)
  • Company leaders, bosses, and hiring managers (names, email, physical addresses, reputation)
  • Post-pandemic financial outlook for your industry and particular companies
  • Online headhunters who can connect you with job opportunities

Every week, following your research, create a list of desirable companies you would like to work for, says Raymond. This list should reflect the companies you gleaned the best information about, such as those that showed a promising financial outlook post-pandemic, are currently hiring (yes, they are out there!), and/or those that have a reputation for treating employees well.

With your list, Raymond advises that you:

  • Follow your companies of choice on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to keep up with the latest company news. Are they still open? Are there further layoffs? Do they plan to create new jobs in the future? Do they have job openings now?
  • Connect with leaders at these companies on social media (LinkedIn, etc.). Send them a message praising their company, say a bit about your skills, and express a strong desire to work with them in the future if they do not currently have job openings.
  • For companies that are actively hiring during the pandemic and have a job opening you fit and desire, email an up-to-date resume and an appropriate cover letter to apply for it.
  • Check in every day to online headhunter services, which can provide a wealth of job opening information and may connect you with specific companies for specific openings now or in the future.

“This being said, not everything you learn about potential job opportunities will come from your phone, tablet, or computer,” says Raymond. “Some job openings could be right in front you.”

Raymond relates a personal story about a recent trip she made to a store for some necessary items that resulted in a side benefit: While at the store, she spotted a sign announcing several current job openings there. The moral, Raymond says, is to “Keep your eyes open, as you may spot, even in the most unexpected situations, job opportunities that are available now.”

Tamara S. Raymond is a certified executive leadership coach, career strategist, and president of Innovative Management Consulting, an executive and leadership consulting firm that offers its signature coaching program, Thriving Leaders for Optimal Impact, for management to C-Suite professionals. She is also the award-winning author of “Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career” and the creator of the soon-to-be released online course Careering for Youth: The Online Coaching Edition. You can learn more about her at and contact her through the website.

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