Mesa-based Health Clinic is Making Concierge-style Medicine Available to the Masses

Keystone Natural Family Medicine

Rising unemployment is driving anxiety about healthcare coverage for many Valley residents.  Alden Witte, 49, is an East Valley father of two school aged children.  His work as an independent contractor allowed him the flexibility needed to accommodate the kids’ busy schedules, but under the new economic conditions driven by the COVID-19 uncertainties, his self-employed status puts him at risk for healthcare coverage.

Many self-employed professionals, like Witte, face multiple concerns about healthcare costs as the economy plunges into a recession.  “Traditional insurance plans come with hefty prices and no guarantees for actual care,” says Witte.  “I want my children to have access to quality care, especially at a time like this.”

Concern for his children’s health and wellbeing drove Witte to explore all healthcare alternatives.  Upon learning about Keystone Natural Family Medicine and the clinic’s unique pricing model, he was instantly drawn to learn more.  “Quality care, naturopathic approach, all-inclusive model at a price my family could easily afford seemed almost too good to be true; it was like discovering a big secret,” he added.

Most of the patients at Keystone share that feeling.  Keystone was founded in 2011 and built on values that aim to disrupt the broken health insurance system.  That’s why Keystone, from the very first day, offered its concierge-style Direct Primary Care billing system.  Unlike traditional concierge medicine, which is generally known for high prices and 24/7 access, the Direct Primary Care system offers many of similar values and patient benefits such as: more attentive, personalized service; better continuity of care, and greater simplicity for doctors – all without the hefty price tag.

Keystone’s Direct Primary Care model cancels the middle men that are insurance and networks. By paying a low monthly membership fee, patients have access to a primary care physician without the inconvenience of a traditional wait time.  Ensuring affordability for all, fees range from $20 per month for children 17 and under, to $50 for adults ages 18-50, to $75 for those 51 years and older. Pricing includes all well and sick visits, sports and annual physicals and more.

“Here at Keystone, we prioritize getting to the root of health issues and reversing them naturally, not just treating them,” says Dr. Kristen Bishop, Lead Doctor and Medical Advisor at Keystone. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Bishop oversees all care and the residency program at the clinic.  She also actively advocates for patients’ rights, increasing awareness for naturopathic medicine and overall reform of the health insurance market.

At Keystone, a team of licensed and highly trained naturopathic medical doctors work with patients toward reaching optimal health.   The doctors use botanical medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and nutrition, among other natural approaches to provide their patients with tools to reach a healthier life.

“Each of our doctors will work with you and your family to ensure that your health and wellness are taken care of at a reasonable cost via our Direct Primary Care model,” asserts Dr. Bishop. “Concierge-style medicine should not be only available to the 1%.   We believe that quality healthcare should be available to the masses and we’re starting that change by making it possible right here at Keystone.”

With more than 2000 active patients receiving primary care at Keystone, the doctors are proud of the fact that all have remained in good health during the pandemic.  They attribute this to the ongoing focus on healthy immune systems and the naturopathic approach to achieving overall health.

“Many people confuse health insurance for healthcare and those are not the same topics,” said Dr. Bishop, “There is one plus that we owe to the pandemic: people are finally starting to take their immune system more seriously and its becoming a mainstream narrative.  But at a time when the economy is creating fears surrounding affordability, we want everyone to know that Keystone is here to keep Arizona healthy.”

New patients can learn the details about the membership plans and services offered at Keystone online at:   The “New Patient Visit” portal makes getting started easy.  Should an online process seem overwhelming or like too large of a commitment for any reason at all, there is an option for a 15-minute Free Consult visit, to see if Keystone is the right fit.

“When you focus on health, health is what you get,” added Dr. Bishop.

Established in 2011, Keystone Natural Family Medicine prioritizes getting to the root of health issues and reversing them naturally; not just treating them. Founded by Dr. Kristen Bishop, her team of licensed and highly trained Naturopathic Medical Doctors use botanical medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and nutrition, among other natural approaches to providing a healthier life. Keystone does not contract with insurance companies or networks, and employs a Direct Primary Care model to keep costs affordable for all income levels.

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