Matthew Fehling, Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific Southwest

from Matthew Fehling

A business community that is excelling is a business community that is made up of successes throughout. With all that we do to attract business here in the Valley, it stands to reason there would be some businesses, small and large, that are doing so well that sharing their success and their unique proposition would empower us all in business.

Businesses that build a strong foundation internally — will achieve greatness externally. There are many things a business can do to become better, but what makes a business truly great is a question worth asking. Is it growth? Is it culture? Can a business be great without strong financial performance? To me, a great business starts with a team that is brought in, authentically, to the company’s purpose. In addition, a great business is constantly looking to improve and enhance all offerings to all stakeholders. Sounds gelatinous? It may, but it’s a powerful truth. Fortunately, we will receive concrete insight into what makes a business great, in this issue.

The cover story this month spotlights 21 great businesses in our local community. Their successes and example cause a ripple effect — in their own economic sector and ones that theirs touches — that promotes and strengthens business overall. Read the article to learn why In Business Magazine believes they are “21 Top Businesses You Must Know.”

Great businesses need great employees in order to maintain their success. But, although this is a reality that most businesses recognize and credit, their actual recruitment practices may be ineffective or, worse, undermine their objectives. This month’s By the Numbers feature pulls the curtain back on what is really going in recruiting talent today.

The sectors of technology and healthcare increasingly overlap. This month’s Technology page presents information about an app developed by a local entrepreneur that helps individuals make healthier decisions in their grocery shopping and, ultimately, save their employers in healthcare costs.

The image of leadership is often the “fearless leader” leading his or her troops into action. This month’s feature article turns that around 180 degrees as Doug Conant explains why and how leaders get great results by asking their employees, “How can I help?”

Speaking of helping, this month’s special feature is the annual Giving Guide. Working with the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, In Business Magazine supports Arizona Gives Day, which is coming up April 7.

Adaptive reuse, artificial intelligence in banking, trends in fitness concepts — these are a few of the other topics that make this March edition a worthwhile read cover to cover. I’m pleased to help present it to you.



Matthew Fehling, President and CEO

Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific Southwest

Matthew Fehling is the president and CEO of Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific Southwest, a community of trustworthy businesses across Greater Arizona and Southern California. He leads the most innovative and expansive BBB in North America with amenities in Greater Phoenix such as the Business & Community Center and ignite sparked by BBB, a co-working and collaboration space. As a respected leader — fluid across state lines — Fehling serves on a number of nonprofit boards and is actively involved in the community.

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