Innovative Security Co. Provides Affordable and Secure IT Solution for Home Office or Remote Workforce


Businesses and individuals are adapting to the new normal. Employees that once worked at the office are now working from home. The only problem is many companies were forced into this new normal and were not prepared for teleworking capabilities, ultimately leaving many businesses exposed to security vulnerabilities. To address this problem, Phoenix-based SimpleWAN, a cloud automated cybersecurity and network solution, has launched a new solution to help businesses save time and money while providing data security for the home worker. Called SimpleWAN @Home, this technology delivers a secure connection to help protect both remote employees and the companies they work for.

SimpleWAN @Home combines all of the SimpleWAN technologies, such as cybersecurity and network automation tools, into a single home offering complete with a dedicated Unlimited 4G solution.  With a dedicated Internet connection, that can automatically and securely connect to a cloud environment such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services, SimpleWAN @Home has the ability provide vMPLS technology between all the remote user locations and offices to provide a fully meshed network at all locations, that’s fully encrypted and secure.

“We have received call after call, of people in a panic to move office workers home. Their biggest fear is security,” said Erik Knight, chief executive officer, SimpleWAN. “Corners are being cut and enterprises are being exposed. It’s just a matter of time before the other shoe drops and companies are breached. Our customers are looking for an easy solution.. SimpleWAN @Home reduces the need for IT specialists, additional staff, and maintaining legacy hardware. That means there is no complicated set-up.”

SimpleWAN @Home provides no interference from employees’ home networks and has the SimpleWAN patented prioritization SD-WAN technologies built in. For the home office remote employee there are several benefits to SimpleWAN @Home. These include:

  • Plug & Play: Simple enough that anyone can install it by simply connecting to power;
  • Built in WiFi: WiFi is integrated into the SimpleWAN @Home device to instantly build a network;
  • Instant 4G: Automatically connect to the internet during install with 4G service; and
  • Work-traffic prioritization: Separate work traffic from home traffic improves application performance.

“Remote employees rely on the internet to stay connected to customers, partners and co-workers. But a bad internet experience can quickly kill productivity and cause aggravation when you are working from home. SimpleWAN @Home reduces these frustrations and keeps one connected. Similarly, the technology provides multiple employer benefits. Within minutes your remote workforce can isolate work traffic from the home network improving application performance and security concerns. SimpleWAN@Home is the future of the edge for remote capabilities,” said Knight.

For a business’s remote workforce, SimpleWAN @Home provides a complete suite of enterprise tools bundled for home office applications, with the flexibility to manage or automate network settings remotely. For the remote workforce there are several benefits to SimpleWAN @Home. These include:

  • Next-Gen Security: Provides the tools necessary to extend security to the remote workforce;
  • Enterprise Connectivity: When powered on, the technology automatically connects with automatic provisioning;
  • Diagnostics and Reporting: Real time and historical data provides a visual look into the health of the network;
  • Cloud-based Dashboard: Can be managed from any device, from anywhere;
  • Enterprise Automation: The dashboard makes it simple to create automation and policies;
  • Flexible Network: Provides a consistent experience across all applications through a fully meshed network;
  • PCI & HIPAA Compliance: Identify PCI and HIPAA compliance issues and conduct regular pen testing on a network; and
  • Cloud Connector: Allows one to instantly connect to cloud applications like AWS, Azure, and other popular clouds.

SimpleWAN is a subscription and hardware-based appliance designed for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses. SimpleWAN offers a truly innovative system for defending against security breaches and ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates like PCI and HIPAA. No other solution exists that is complete with Cyber Security, Network Monitoring and SD-WAN. Currently, SimpleWAN @Home is offering clients a special no contract offering for a monthly price of $99/month.

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