Feedback: June 2019

Angela Garmon, Debbie Hann, Kristen Merrifield

Among the many services you provide your members, what are you doing to inform them about — and help them connect with appropriate expertise to address — changes in laws, regulations and public movements that businesses need to be aware of from a legal standpoint?

Angela Garmon

National Association of Women Business Owners – Phoenix
Sector: Economic Development

  The National Association of Women Business Owners represents the voice of the 12 million women business owners across the nation. As leaders of the Phoenix Chapter, the board makes it a point to stay well informed on the changes in laws, regulations and public movements that impact
business ownership.

NAWBO Phoenix has a newly appointed Public Policy Director, Ania Kubicki, whose primary focus is to ensure these critical issues and the proper resources are presented to the members in a timely manner. As a board, we plan our programs, business meetings and communications around these matters.

We offer various ways to learn and connect throughout the month. We intentionally design our business meetings to educate and equip our members with the most current information that impacts their businesses. This incoming year, we will focus on topics such as economic development in Phoenix and the vitality of women business ownership in the state to ensure business owners have the resources they need to effectively engage in public policy and advocacy for their businesses. 

National Association of Women

Business Owners – Phoenix

Angela Garmon is the president of NAWBO Phoenix and owner of ARG Coaching & Consulting Group. ARG Coaching & Consulting Group provides proven solutions that bridge gaps between people and processes, helping clients learn to manage change, foster engagement and deliver sustainable results.

Debbie Hann

Chief Operating Officer
Arizona Small Business Association
Sector: Economic Development

  The Arizona Small Business Association prides itself on providing relevant and timely information to the small-business community through events, educational seminars, keynote talks by industry experts and public policy support. ASBA’s Public Policy Committee, consisting solely of ASBA members, interprets legislative activity and provides a big voice for small business at the Capitol. ASBA will allocate a portion of the website specifically dedicated to Public Policy and will notify members in layman’s terms on laws and changes that will have an effect on small business

Additionally, ASBA has many events that provide an opportunity for education. One of the largest events ASBA will be putting on this year is Contruction+Plus, scheduled this summer on July 11th. We’ll be addressing not only the shortage of laborers in the construction industry but also hiring and retaining employees, and liability and risks that impact an employer.

ASBA encourages members to work with one another, enabling a fruitful small-business community within the organization itself.

Arizona Small Business Association    

Debbie Hann is chief operating officer at the Arizona Small Business Association. ASBA is one of the largest trade associations in Arizona, supporting small businesses through an active and connected community. Hann provides leadership while executing and implementing strategies to grow the organization. She has a proven track record in the corporate environment of a Fortune 500 company in addition to owning a successful small business

Kristen Merrifield

Chief Executive Officer
Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits
Sector: Nonprofit Advocacy

  The Alliance engages and informs our nonprofit members through our statewide Nonprofit Policy Council. This group meets monthly, and members can call in from anywhere in the state or join us in person in Phoenix. Each month, we receive important updates on both the state and federal levels about policies, laws, regulations and issues that are related to nonprofits specifically, or which apply to all organizations regardless of their tax status. This is important to note, because many issues have the ability to impact the nonprofit and for-profit sectors alike.

We can then work collectively to solve problems, take advantage of opportunities, or unite with a loud voice to make change and ensure that all nonprofits are represented on issues that can negatively or positively impact their ability to fulfill their missions. We currently have more than 100 members on our Nonprofit Policy Council, and we have been very active on local and national issues this year. Most excitedly, we are thrilled to see our very first bill make it all the way into the budget this year!

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits    

Kristen Merrifield is the CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits. The Alliance serves as the unifying voice of the more than 20,000 nonprofits in the State of Arizona. With a membership of 1,000 nonprofits and business partners, AAZN provides critical resources which fulfill its mission of uniting, strengthening and advancing the Arizona nonprofit sector — toward a vision of an Arizona where all nonprofits are valued, empowered and thriving.

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