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from Dr. Heidi Jannenga

Business is risk. It’s inherent in every decision: “Can I grow this idea to support a company — myself, my employees, my shareholders?” “Will a new hire or an investment in additional technology propel our growth?” “Should I take on venture capital?”

These were just some of the decisions — and risks — I faced in co-founding and growing WebPT. Every choice had the potential to bring us one step, or even leaps and bounds, closer to achieving our vision — or slide us back in the other direction. And as we grew, so too did the stakes. The decisions we made no longer impacted just us –– they impacted our team and their families, as well as our customers, partners and investors. And when you’re playing in a high-stakes game, it’s important to surround yourself with a supportive community. I believe that’s one thing that sets our local business community apart from the rest: There are so many folks who are willing to offer support rather than compete. In fact, WebPT wouldn’t be where it is today without the tremendous support of the local community. 

We’re fortunate to have access to a wealth of resources to help businesses — from young startups all the way up to seasoned companies that may not realize they’re perpetuating stale ideas — and In Business Magazine has tapped into some of that wealth for this issue. The cover story features local experts in five basic areas of business operation who have identified potential risk hot-spots and offered focused advice on dealing with them.

On the subject of leveraging strengths business leaders may not have fully appreciated, Baldwin Tom discusses tangibles and intangibles in the feature article, “Businesses’ ‘Magnificent Seven’ Investments.” And Stacy Hanke, in the Roundtable feature, considers downsides as well as upsides in the way many businesses use technology as an internal communication tool.

Attorney Marc L. Schultz completes his two-part discussion of the Opportunity Zone Program with this month’s article on parameters and tax benefits developers should understand with respect to their deployment of capital. 

On top of all that, this July issue of In Business Magazine includes a Briefs article offering new and counterintuitive information on online marketing influencers, a Startups article on an innovative pet food company in our midst, a Healthcare article on how businesses can boost their employee well-being programs, a Technology article on low-budget options for producing employee trainings as videos, and a look at an aspect of cryptocurrency often omitted from popular debates — tax implications and the IRS.

If that’s not enough, this month’s issue also features a Special Section with the 2018 Top 50 Small Business Industry Leaders resource guide.

It’s been my pleasure to work with In Business Magazine on many past articles, and I’m pleased to help bring you this July issue. 


Dr. Heidi Jannenga
Co-founder and President

Dr. Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT, ATC/L, is the co-founder and president of WebPT, the country’s leading rehab therapy EMR platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth. Prior to co-founding WebPT, Jannenga practiced as a physical therapist for more than 15 years. Today, she regularly speaks at technology, entrepreneurship and leadership events, and national PT industry conferences, and serves on the boards of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Arizona Science Center, Support My Club, Physical Therapy Political Action Committee and Arizona Community Foundation.   webpt.com

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